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- been thinking about Barbara Hepworth and Faye Toogood lately.

- two really beautiful, honest and power pieces of writing about death and grief. One by a friend I went to undergrad with, we recently reunited and have been having interesting conversations about grief and loss, I read this on his blog and had to share. And then a really amazing book review my friend Ann did for a book called Ghost Belly, read it here

- finally saw Blue is the Warmest Color. I was totally blown away. I am a hard sell on... well... mostly everything, but this movie is incredible. Raw, honest, beautiful, gritty, vulnerable, intense... all the things I love. If you haven't see it... you are missing out. 

- had a big gallery day last weekend when it was raining, and saw Hiroshi Sugito's wonderful painting show at Marc Foxx. 

- check out the FvF apartment! Swoon! Speaking of swooning, check out this amazing home in Barcelona! Bananas!

- this made me smile and take a deep breath, sent to me by my friend Claire, because we have many a conversation about these things. 

more later - I am out the door to refuel myself in the sun. This weekend was a big one for me, a game changer. Woke up today with new eyes in which to see the world!

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  1. I love the links you included in this post! Especially the two links on death and grief, topics which have been stirred up in my mind as of late too. Uncannily, I wrote a bit of lengthy meditation on death and grief just two weeks ago here: http://nataliesophoto.blogspot.com/2014/02/this-is-sense-less.html

    1. Hi Natalie!

      thank so you much for leaving a comment and a link to your writing! i just had time to read it and really enjoyed it. i think grief is like many things in life, that no two people grieve in the same way, and i love hearing peoples stories, so thank you for sharing!

      wishing you much healing,