new moon // march


Crow Moon
Saturday, March 1st, Pisces, 12:01 am PST

A new month, a New Moon. In Los Angeles we are getting tons of much needed rain right now, let us take a moment and have gratitude for this, and connect to it's pure and cleansing energy. New Moons are the perfect time to let go of the old, and bring in the new. We can use the energy from this rain, as we let old ways, old energies wash away, and allow ourselves to be bathed in a new light. 

I have been thinking a lot about the people I am close to in my life (new relationships and long time ones), watching them all step into new rolls, myself included as I begin doing grief counseling for kids. Looking around I see it is time for us all to get out of own way, to enter into new territory, to follow what is calling us. Sometimes you can see in a person something that is waiting, something they are meant to do in this world that they are sitting on, or dancing around. If this is ignored for too long it can cause all sorts of dis-ease and discomfort. This can show up in many ways, often times we aren't connecting it to the thing in us that is shouting, asking to be born. This is a time to ask yourself if you have been sitting on something you have always want to do, or be. Is there some secret passion in you waiting to be discovered? Can you be clear enough to listen to what it is saying? How can you nurture this voice calling to you? What is stopping you? That perhaps is the biggest question. Most of the time the things we are afraid of are really the directions we need to be heading. To refine your listening skills so you can detect what is actually your intuition telling you not to do something, verses a fear that is sitting in front of the very thing you are meant to be doing in your life. I believe that kind of fear can be used as a compass, to guide you in the right direction, and let you know you are getting closer to the gold. But, to get there you have to bump up against a lot of your own issues, ones that are hard and often times painful to face. Are you brave enough to face yourself in the name of becoming more of who you are meant to be in this life?

With these new observations, realizations, experiences, I have also notice that once we are in this new place our work is not done. Nope. I have had many conversations this past week with people who are also stepping into rolls as teachers and healers, talking to them about how to show up as yourself. After all the training, and workshops, and learning... how do we let that all go and trust ourselves enough to show up as our authentic and true self? This is the question I am in now. Am I willing to trust myself? I have experienced in the past week, the more and more I can do this, the more and more I feel supported and feel the mystery, grace and power of the universe. 

These experiences are being supported by the watery and infinite energy of Pisces. Pisces rules the vastness of the ocean and the depth of the Divine Feminine. It's in this pure Feminine energy that deep compassion can be felt, one that has the ability to encompass all of the worlds suffering, she can hold it with out judgment, with out looking away. She has strength in her compassion, this is something we can learn from her energy. Having an open, compassionate heart does not make you weak. You can empower yourself when you are brave enough to feel what you feel while staying rooted in the self. 

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which carries with it a very vague and nebulous energy. If you are like me and have been feeling confused lately, having difficulty making decisions, this is why. We can learn to lean into this energy a bit, and surrender to it, it will loosen up our critical and analytical minds. It calls us to be more in the energy of the great mysteries of life - love, synchronicity, deja vu, intuition, art, creativity, miracles, profound healing. 

I love the energy of Pisces (I suspect a lot of it has to do with my Pisces rising). Both the Sun and Moon are in Pisces so it is a magical and powerful time to deepen and trust your intuition. New Moons are also the perfect time to begin new things, bring things into your life, set intentions and make wishes. Every New Moon you are allowed ten wishes maximum, and they must be hand written on paper. This is best done within the first 24 hours of the exact time of the New Moon, but within the first 48 is ok. This month dig a bit deeper and see if you can tap into the voice I mentioned earlier, the one coming from your soul. What is it really asking for? Use the Piscean energy and make wishes about anything that has to do with unconditional love, gentleness, kindness, non-judgment, trusting, sensitivity, your intuition. 

Happy New Moon Wishing!

Gustav Klimt, Lake Attersee
isn't this an amazing painting?!


  1. Hi Lauren,

    A while ago I stumbled upon your lovely blog after seeing you on Apartment Therapy. I just wanted to say that I love your moon posts, and it's something I look forward to reading. I was wondering if you knew of any sources/tools to further deepen your intuition? Lately I've been frustrated trying to hear where it's guiding me or what it's trying to tell me. It seems all jumbled up. :)
    Thanks for your lovely inspirational blog.


    1. HI Angelica

      thank you so much for finding the blog, and continuing to follow what happens here, and for your lovely comment :) i so appreciate when people share and i really love getting questions and opening up a dialogue about everything!
      your question is a good one! it's one i have been getting a lot of lately, because of this i thought i might write something about intuition. i am putting it together now and gaining clarity on what will be addressed... i will post it as soon as it's written! so check back!
      and thanks again for asking :)


  2. Wonderful! I look forward to reading it. :) Thank you

    P.s I just bought your plant and mineral guide today. I've been slowly learning more about crystals and their healing properties.


    1. i just saw that :) !!!!!!

      it's so fun to learn about, i think ! lots a great books out there too!