weekly meditation

H  e  l  l  o  !

I am happy to share that starting this Sunday, March 16th, I will be leading a weekly 
Breathwork Meditation circle at my favorite east side yoga studio, Yogala, in Echo Park.

If you need to breath, relax, restore, let go, go deeper, or simply connect come and join me!
And if you or friends of yours on the east side have been looking for a Breathwork circle that
is close to home look no further!

7:30 - 8:45 pm
every Sunday, starting MARCH 16th

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Breath is what connects us to each other, to every thing, to all times. This is a two part active Pranayama Breathwork mediation that is very healing. Though the breath is simple to learn it is quite powerful and profound to experience. The breath clears emotional blocks and stuck energy, allowing you to open up and connect to the universe, dive deeper into the self, and tap into your truth and intuition. Through quieting the mind you create space to listen with your heart, leaving you feeling peaceful, grounded, and expansive. 

Please bring a mat or blanket to lay on, an open heart, and your sense of curiosity.


  1. Hi Lauren,
    This looks so good....is it donation based? I've been doing breathwork for a few years and love how it changes my inner and outer chemistry. Looking forward to your workshop xx

    1. HI Katy!
      drop in classes are $14 unless you have purchased a group of classes at the studio.
      i love that you have been doing this kind of meditation! that's wonderful!

      would love to see you there some sunday!