new moon // solar eclipse // april



Grass Moon
Monday, April 28th Taurus, 10:14pm PST

If you have been having a difficult few weeks you are not alone. With the Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon two weeks ago and the Grand Cardinal Cross a few days ago lots of things are being pulled to the surface. You may be finding yourself in situations that are triggering past pain or reopening old wounds, or you might be experiencing a story that is all too familiar, something that has replayed itself over and over again through your life, but this time it's hitting you harder. It's hard to not feel the weight of this. Breath a little life into it and feel some freedom in it. Try to look at your current experience as an experience to heal. Just as this is a time of feeling lots of pain and sadness, it is also a time of profound healing. If you can see what is happening to you for what it truly is, you will allow for such expansion in it, you will allow space for movement. The universe is holding up a mirror for where you still need healing, and trust that you know how to navigate it. 

I have also felt that specifically there are lots of feelings of loss, being alone, sadness for what is no longer, for what you want but don't yet have. And it's our relationships with others that are triggering these feelings and mirroring to us where we still have work to do. Our relationships are such an important key right now. Weather it's one that's ending, a new one, your relationship to your parent(s)... they are all shifting and helping propel us in the direction we need to go. I read this the other day and it seemed to sum it all up, "... the quality of all of our relationships is a direct function of our relationship to ourselves. Since so much of our relationship to ourselves operates at an unconscious level, most of the drama and dynamics of our relationships to others and to the transcendent is expressive of our own person psychology. The best thing we can do for our relationships with others, and with the transcendent, then, is to render our relationship to ourselves more conscious." So let us be thankful for those people in our lives for showing us more about ourselves.  

The other relationship that has a lot of energy around it right now as we move into the sign of Taurus is our relationship with Mother Nature. Again, the relationship we have with her is a mirror for the relationship we have with ourselves. Spend some time in nature with your bare feet on the earth, and listen. Let yourself grow roots into the earth, it's full of wisdom.

The Eclipse energy has been very strong, and will continue to be through this week. If you find that you are being really hard on yourself try to take a moment and receive. Do something kind for yourself, or simply feel how much the Earth and the Universe support you, what they provide for you, how they nourish you and guide you. It's ok to rest and receive, to learn the difference between doing and being. So much has been pulled up to the surface in such a short amount of time that we need to make space for it to integrate.

Taurus energy is also an excellent one for helping us to learn the lessons of self-love and self-worth. Notice if any feelings around either of those are coming up for you lately. And with all that is happening in the skies you might also notice an increase in synchronicities and that your intuition is more spot on and stronger.

New Moons are a perfect time to set some intentions and make some wishes, and with this Eclipse energy in the air you have the opportunity to really magnify what you desire in your heart, and make it known. With the Moon in Taurus it's a perfect time to make wishes involving money or anything you value in your life: relationship, work, family, a new behavior etc... You are allowed ten wishes maximum, and they must be hand written on paper. Wishing within the first 8 hours of the exact time of the New Moon is the most potent, but within the first 48 will be ok. And this month try to incorporate Mother Nature into your wishing ritual somehow, use your creativity with this one. 

Paul Outerbridge


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full moon - lunar eclipse // april



Blood Moon
Wednesday, April 15th, Libra, 12:42 am PSD

With each passing moment energies are mounting. If you are sensitive then you have been feeling this months Full Moon coming since mid last week - or perhaps even earlier. We are hours away from the Moon reaching its maximum fullness, as well as the Lunar Eclipse which will occur early in the morning of the 15th. If you would like to read more about the eclipse, and how and when to see it, you can here. I will be up to watch it!

As far as how this is all effecting us energetically it's a powerful and emotional time. All around me this past week, and especially over the weekend, I have noticed in myself and in others a deep deep sadness surfacing, one that seems very old. Almost so old that everyone keeps saying, "I'm not sure why I am feeling this" or "why is this coming up for me, I thought I dealt with this?". I really think it is sadness that has been buried, and forgotten, and is surfacing so that it can be healed. Maybe it's even a sadness that is not ours, but one we have been carrying around from our linage. I feel it is the powerful energy of this Full Moon and Eclipse that is pulling that energy up to be looked at. Ask yourself, what about this feels familiar? Is this something I have felt before? Is this something I have been carrying around for a long time? Am I ready to let it go? Whatever little bits of sadness that we haven't dealt with are showing up and testing us. How will you approach these feelings with the knowledge and wisdom from all that you have experienced and learned? It is a time where you need to trust yourself, and trust that you are prepared to heal these wounds, and seeing them for what they are - old energy. Instead of feeling weighed down by this task lean more towards having gratitude for the opportunity this resurfacing is giving you to heal.

Use your creativity to transform it. Don't shy away from these feelings that are coming up, although they are difficult and overwhelming, they are rich material from which to create! Use it! Write, draw, dance, sing, plant a garden! Also - have a good cry. Don't underestimate the power of tears. I think crying is one of the most transformative and creative acts. I also think it is a great way to move that energy and allow yourself to dive into those feelings. Just don't get stuck in it, make sure every act you are making is one that is in service to movement, moving and transforming the energy. And be gentle and kind to yourself and others right now. We are all extra sensitive and going through a lot. It's a perfect time to practice compassion and self-love. 

DeWain Valentine, Circle - Clear to Black, 1971

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from around

- i just spent a few hours reading all of Simon Doonan's editorial content for Slate. My favorites are: Why the Art World Is So Loathsome, Beware of Normcore... I want to list about 7 other great pieces by him... how can I choose the best ones? I can't. Instead I am going to recommend just heading over there and spending an hour or two reading his hilarious and perceptive insights. You will be all the better for it.

- a thought provoking essay on Funny Face

- a hypnotic expert of Trisha Brown's 1987 performance Newark

- round up - day one of Milan Design week - two of my favorites, Faye Toogood (more here - watch the video!) and Max Lamb (his instillation for dzen looks bananas)!

- shows I am excited to see: long time favorite, Polly Apfellbaum in the group show CHERUB, Isabelle Carnaro at Hannah Hoffman, Math Bass at Overduin & Co, Anthony Pearson at David Kordansky. Shows I wish I could see: Karla Black at David Zwirner in New York, and IRL.

A beautiful and educational film by Temujin Doran 'about the processes by which mountains are created and eventually destroyed ... based upon the work of British geographer L. Dudley Stamp.' This is amazing!

- now on to something very near and dear to my heart. I have recently started volunteering at OUR HOUSEThe OUR HOUSE mission is to provide grief support services, education, resources and hope to the Los Angeles community. I work with kids and have two groups right now, one in-house group and a weekly school group. Although I have only been working with them for a few short months these kids and this experience has changed my life so profoundly. It's work that is deeply personal to me and I think what OUR HOUSE does and what they offer people, especially kids, who are facing tremendous loss is so very important and essential.
Last night I had the privilege of going to a screening of the HBO Documentary made about Camp Erin,  a grief camp for kids. One Last Hug will premiere on HBO Monday night, if you can watch it please do! It is deeply moving, these kids are so brave and inspiring, and they experience such healing and transformation in the short time of a weekend. I am so excited to be at Camp Erin this year and work with these amazing kids!
Also - Our House is doing their annual Run For Hope on April 27th! If you would like to participate in the event and walk or run in memory of someone close to you who has died please join me! You can read more about it here, and I have also set up a fundraiser page if you would like to donate to this amazing non-profit organization!

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if i'm bright enough to see you

tonight I heard Neil Young live
he is my all time favorite. ever. 

he played this song, it's one I haven't heard before 
but it made me smile and cry it was so beautiful
and it reminded me of someone I miss and love very much. 

ivan iannoli