new moon // may


Milk Moon
Wednesday, May 28th, Gemini, 1:40 pm PST

The energy since our last Full Moon has been full of ups and downs. And as we are drawn closer to the energy of the Gemini the polarity and extremes of these two seem to be increasing, which only makes sense given the nature of the Gemini. With this energy it is also a time of bridging the gap between two spaces, ideas, times, people, cultures... If this resonates with you use the energy of this Gemini New Moon to aid you in this task. 

This also seems to be a time where we are facing challenges in and of our bodies. I'm not sure why, but everyone I talk to is dealing with their bodies on some level. Everything from the limits of our physical bodies, new challenges with health, to wake up calls in the form of injuries and old feelings/aches/pains resurfacing again. Our physical bodies are the last place where our spirit and soul try to get our attention. After they have exhausted every other way they usually come knocking, sometimes very loudly if we haven't been listening, on our bodies. This is usually very effective because our bodies have limits, and when things happen to the body we can't ignore it. But with it comes a lot of frustration, as it is hard for us to listen, slow down, give ourselves the love and attention we deserve to heal. Healing takes patients and time. There is no short cut. And I have been thinking a lot about how sometimes injury or illness can come in the form of medicine, it can be pointing to a place in us that is holding old pain, old stories, places where we lack mindfulness and awareness, places where we are disconnected. More and more I am learning that the body holds so much wisdom. It really blows my mind the depth of wisdom it has, it eclipses the wisdom of the mind at every turn. It's the body that holds the deepest truths and knowledge of our souls. We just have to learn to listen and to trust it. 

Today is a perfect day to slow down and listen and take care of your body. Do something today that is nurturing and healing. It's up to you to listen and pin point the thing your body has been asking for. 

Today is also the day to make your New Moon wishes. Because the Moon is in Gemini it is a great time to wish about anything involving communication or manifestation. And really be mindful to the language you are using. For three years I have had one wish that is ALWAYS on my list. Last month I decided to make one tiny adjustment to the language I used when I wrote it and it changed everything! It totally opened it up and gave it the freedom to happen! You are allowed ten wishes maximum and they must be hand written on paper, wishing within the first 24 hours of the exact time of the new moon is ideal, but within the first 48 hours will do. 

Take good care of yourself!

Erwin Blumenfeld 1944


sam moyer

wish I could see this amazing Sam Moyer show in NYC!

art and architecture in la

Peter from Insiderei asked me to do an interview about art and architecture in Los Angeles!
and it's up now

Read it here
in english here

Thanks so much Peter!                    photo by Claire Cottrell


full moon // may


Planting Moon
Wednesday, May 14th, Scorpio, 12:16 pm PST

Being a Scorpio myself I love Scorpio Full Moons! They are intense, but being in the depths of their dark waters feels like home to me. I feel a lot of big shifts are happening in us during this time, a lot of revelations and new awareness and reclamation of parts of ourselves that can be a game changer for who we are in this lifetime. For a while now a lot of old and ancient stuff has been pulled to the surface for us to look at and heal, and now with the energy of Scorpio we are being asked to transform, just as the Phoenix rises from the ashes. Who will we become?

Scorpio is ruled by the element of Water. I have been learning a lot about Water energy lately. While Water can be fluid and cleansing it is quite an intense energy, one that is often hard for us to be in. Water energy is about the depths where all of our emotions are held, it's also undefined and formless, a place where there is no thing, therefore holds the possibility of all things. Being in this energy allows (and at times pushes us) to let go of old definitions, definitions about who we thought we were, our definitions of love, our old dynamics in relationships, etc... which can be super scary for our mind and ego. But when you can sit in that energy it is so powerful and profound, it's the the freedom and discovery of the unknown. So, don't be surprised if your roll in your closest relationships is being challenged right now and you are being forced to show up in a different way, it's simply an external mirror for what is happening internally. 

Scorpio energy is all about emotional truth, and the intensity of life and death, sex, vulnerability, power, mystery,  strong intuition and transformation! It takes a brave heart to face the lessons of life that come from the Scorpio, for some it might be very challenging right now, for others you might feel right at home. 

Vija Celmins, Ocean with Cross I, 2005



I have been thinking a lot about moms lately. It's a topic I think a lot about in general. But, these last few weeks I have been missing my mum more than usual, a deeper layer of grief is surfacing. And Mother's Day is always mixed with emotions as I feel I am in the middle of both missing my own mother and wanting so much myself to be a mother. Last night I lead meditation with the topic of connection, talking about our linage and what has been passed down to us through generations. Thinking about how our souls choose our families, and how in so many ways they are our biggest teachers. I think about all of this a lot in relationship to my mum and the women in my family. There is something really strong about this connection that goes back in time, and I really feel that in this life I am healing so much for myself, and for them, and for generations to come. Something profound is shifting. 
Anyway - yesterday I sat down to write to my mum a little bit of what I have been feeling, and it has been SO long since I shared any personal writing here, I thought I would do so. 

Memories I am happy to have of you   
Laughing with you, we used to laugh so much together.
The feeling of your skin, as it turned gritty and waxy in the days before you died. 
The smell of your studio, of things I don’t know, of waxes and buffer compounds, of metal being heated and polished.
The sounds of your sighs.
Singing to you in your last hours.
How you used to hunched your shoulders up in the cutest way when you were cold.
Standing in your closet.
Conversations that I can’t remember, but whose outcomes and lessons live on inside me.

Memories I wish I had with you 
You telling me more about my birth.
You teaching me how to really master your English muffin bread recipe.
You getting to meet my husband-to-be for the first time, and knowing what you thought of him.
Telling you I am pregnant and that it’s a girl, and seeing you hold her for the first time. 
Calling you many times a day to ask you if I should use cloth diapers or not, advice on how to get her to stop crying and how to treat her ear infection.
Learning how to host two families for Thanksgiving, and cook everything in the perfect timing so it all comes out ready to go on the table at the same time.
Your advice and encouragement about being an artist and trying to make a living from it.
Getting to travel to Santa Fe with you.

If you would like to read older posts where I have shared and written about the women in my family you can do so here... 
my Mum, there are so many but here are two of my favorites: writing about the home I grew up in, and selling that house
Nana, my Mum's mum, her books, and sketches
My grandmother Audrey, her closet, and her travels

I Wish I Had A River To Skate Away On, 2011, watercolor
this painting is one i did for my thesis show in grad school
it's of my mum and me

from around

- the lost art of walking. Be among Virginia Woolf, Henry David Theoreau, and Constantine Brancusi to take up purposeless walking

- how sex rules our dreams. Not sure I am in total agreement with this, I think it's actually more complex than this, but an interesting read none the less.

- deeper into the moon's affect, how it's phases affect life on earth.

- dressing up: how Charles James elevated American fashion. 

- love the 80's styling in this video

- total Glenn Brown fan

- Tauba Auerbach at the ICA in London. I love her work so much. A while back I posted one of my favorite pieces of hers, Auerglass

- re-watched Pina, this dance has been inspiring me lately

- one of my favorite daily reads, Free + Native, did a post on my Sunday Breathwork Meditation. Super excited about it. Thank you Lacy!

- i just finished Ashley's amazing 10 day sugar cleanse! I highly recommend.

- listening non-stop to Julianna Barwick

- three new obsessions: Ethan Rose (thanks to Natalie)Guy de Cointet, and Sophie Buhai's new line of jewelry  !! 

New Horizons in Flower Arrangement by Myra J. Brooks with Mary Alice and John P. Roche, 1961
Horizontal Line | Ellsworth Kelly


grief workshop

From Sad to Glad
Finding the Joy in Grief

Often people find they have no time to grieve, or feel they are carrying around sadness that 
is weighing them down.  Using a breathing meditation, drawing exercises, personal writing 
and some gentle movement, we will endeavor to shed the feeling of grief as a burden and 
align with a positive, creative, healing process.

Join artists and grief specialists Ann Faison and Lauren Spencer King on
Saturday, May 24th 
1:00 - 5:00 pm
Pasadena, CA
Limited space - RSVP - please email laurenspencerking@gmail.com
Materials and instruction will be provided.
Please bring a yoga mat or blanket and a notebook to write in

Please pass this on to anyone you think would be interested.
Hope to see you there.

Lauren & Ann


mother's day meditation

Moms meditate for FREE on Mother's Day!


If you bring your mom to Breathwork on Sunday night she gets to meditate for free. 
Share a night of sweet, gentle, heart opening breath, with your mom. 

Sunday, May 11th
7:30 - 8:45 pm
Yogala in Echo Park