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- the lost art of walking. Be among Virginia Woolf, Henry David Theoreau, and Constantine Brancusi to take up purposeless walking

- how sex rules our dreams. Not sure I am in total agreement with this, I think it's actually more complex than this, but an interesting read none the less.

- deeper into the moon's affect, how it's phases affect life on earth.

- dressing up: how Charles James elevated American fashion. 

- love the 80's styling in this video

- total Glenn Brown fan

- Tauba Auerbach at the ICA in London. I love her work so much. A while back I posted one of my favorite pieces of hers, Auerglass

- re-watched Pina, this dance has been inspiring me lately

- one of my favorite daily reads, Free + Native, did a post on my Sunday Breathwork Meditation. Super excited about it. Thank you Lacy!

- i just finished Ashley's amazing 10 day sugar cleanse! I highly recommend.

- listening non-stop to Julianna Barwick

- three new obsessions: Ethan Rose (thanks to Natalie)Guy de Cointet, and Sophie Buhai's new line of jewelry  !! 

New Horizons in Flower Arrangement by Myra J. Brooks with Mary Alice and John P. Roche, 1961
Horizontal Line | Ellsworth Kelly


  1. thank you for all of those wonderful links!
    off to read the walking essay, sounds like a hobby i´d like to take on:)