full moon // may


Planting Moon
Wednesday, May 14th, Scorpio, 12:16 pm PST

Being a Scorpio myself I love Scorpio Full Moons! They are intense, but being in the depths of their dark waters feels like home to me. I feel a lot of big shifts are happening in us during this time, a lot of revelations and new awareness and reclamation of parts of ourselves that can be a game changer for who we are in this lifetime. For a while now a lot of old and ancient stuff has been pulled to the surface for us to look at and heal, and now with the energy of Scorpio we are being asked to transform, just as the Phoenix rises from the ashes. Who will we become?

Scorpio is ruled by the element of Water. I have been learning a lot about Water energy lately. While Water can be fluid and cleansing it is quite an intense energy, one that is often hard for us to be in. Water energy is about the depths where all of our emotions are held, it's also undefined and formless, a place where there is no thing, therefore holds the possibility of all things. Being in this energy allows (and at times pushes us) to let go of old definitions, definitions about who we thought we were, our definitions of love, our old dynamics in relationships, etc... which can be super scary for our mind and ego. But when you can sit in that energy it is so powerful and profound, it's the the freedom and discovery of the unknown. So, don't be surprised if your roll in your closest relationships is being challenged right now and you are being forced to show up in a different way, it's simply an external mirror for what is happening internally. 

Scorpio energy is all about emotional truth, and the intensity of life and death, sex, vulnerability, power, mystery,  strong intuition and transformation! It takes a brave heart to face the lessons of life that come from the Scorpio, for some it might be very challenging right now, for others you might feel right at home. 

Vija Celmins, Ocean with Cross I, 2005

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