new moon // may


Milk Moon
Wednesday, May 28th, Gemini, 1:40 pm PST

The energy since our last Full Moon has been full of ups and downs. And as we are drawn closer to the energy of the Gemini the polarity and extremes of these two seem to be increasing, which only makes sense given the nature of the Gemini. With this energy it is also a time of bridging the gap between two spaces, ideas, times, people, cultures... If this resonates with you use the energy of this Gemini New Moon to aid you in this task. 

This also seems to be a time where we are facing challenges in and of our bodies. I'm not sure why, but everyone I talk to is dealing with their bodies on some level. Everything from the limits of our physical bodies, new challenges with health, to wake up calls in the form of injuries and old feelings/aches/pains resurfacing again. Our physical bodies are the last place where our spirit and soul try to get our attention. After they have exhausted every other way they usually come knocking, sometimes very loudly if we haven't been listening, on our bodies. This is usually very effective because our bodies have limits, and when things happen to the body we can't ignore it. But with it comes a lot of frustration, as it is hard for us to listen, slow down, give ourselves the love and attention we deserve to heal. Healing takes patients and time. There is no short cut. And I have been thinking a lot about how sometimes injury or illness can come in the form of medicine, it can be pointing to a place in us that is holding old pain, old stories, places where we lack mindfulness and awareness, places where we are disconnected. More and more I am learning that the body holds so much wisdom. It really blows my mind the depth of wisdom it has, it eclipses the wisdom of the mind at every turn. It's the body that holds the deepest truths and knowledge of our souls. We just have to learn to listen and to trust it. 

Today is a perfect day to slow down and listen and take care of your body. Do something today that is nurturing and healing. It's up to you to listen and pin point the thing your body has been asking for. 

Today is also the day to make your New Moon wishes. Because the Moon is in Gemini it is a great time to wish about anything involving communication or manifestation. And really be mindful to the language you are using. For three years I have had one wish that is ALWAYS on my list. Last month I decided to make one tiny adjustment to the language I used when I wrote it and it changed everything! It totally opened it up and gave it the freedom to happen! You are allowed ten wishes maximum and they must be hand written on paper, wishing within the first 24 hours of the exact time of the new moon is ideal, but within the first 48 hours will do. 

Take good care of yourself!

Erwin Blumenfeld 1944


  1. thank you so much for this post!

    you have no idea what your words about healing and pain and patience meant to me right now...

    THANK YOU again:)

    1. happy to hear that, and i am wishing you so much healing!

  2. Thank you, Lauren!

    I love your moon posts, they seem to always resonate perfectly with my state and have become a great comfort for me to accept my struggles.

    And also... I am just so curious, where do you get all this knowledge?



    1. thank you Natalie! i am so glad they resonate with you.
      i always just say i am reporting the weather
      holding up a mirror
      i have found you can learn a lot if you can learn to listen

  3. Such a wonderful post Lauren! I love reading your words, so much honesty, strength and wisdom coming through with clarity. I really appreciate your reminder to be mindful of the language we use, that is huge! Subtle shifts in the way we communicate can create big changes. I really liked reading about the body too. I've been working with an injury for months and months. It comes and goes and just last week I (finally) surrendered to it completely. I said out loud, okay universe, if you don't want me doing handstands right now I won't! I haven't even been doing them for months but have held on so tightly to the idea that I will be able to soon. Being able to let that go was a huge relief. Huge. It's amazing how much energy it takes to hold on to ideas! Thinking of you and wishing you a beautiful evening. xoashley

    1. HI Ashley!
      thank you for this amazing comment!!
      yes!! you are so right! it's incredible how much energy it takes to hold on to ideas, thoughts, beliefs, people... letting go can be so freeing and free up so much energy! we also spend a lot of energy repressing stuff, pushing things down... basically we spend a lot of our energy trying to control. it's amazing that we do this. that energy has so much potential if we could just let go!
      that's a huge shift! to just meet your body where it is! bravo! :)

      hope to see you soon! xx