full moon // june


Strawberry Moon
Thursday, June 12th, Sagittarius, 9:11 pm PST

Two weekends ago I underwent a huge transformation and energetic shift in a workshop, a four month intensive. It almost felt like I re-birthed myself and finally accessed the purity and power of my original energy. Freedom! I realized, amongst other things, that there was so much of my body, my self, my life, of love that I wasn't experiencing! So much seems possible now. Anything seems possible! So much so that my mind can't really wrap itself around it, which is a good sign. Needless to say, it was profound and my body was flooded with so much new energy, these last two weeks it has been struggling to catch up to the jump my soul made. 

I really believe that this lifetime is a really important one for us all. The work we are doing right now in our lives is so immensely important for our journey as a soul and for the future and direction of the planet. We have the opportunity to heal lifetimes, to heal the wounds of our lineage, right now! This life is but a breath in the timeline of our souls journey, but the work we are doing right now is so profound and important. Whatever you have gone through in your life, or what ever you are facing right now is so important to the healing and growth of your soul. It has orchestrated every little piece, every relationship, in your life so you can heal and grow! How amazing is that!? Really think about that for a second. It's mind blowing to me. The most important thing we must do right now is to follow where our souls are leading us, and trust! Trust what we can not yet see, but what is coming to us. Trust where we are moving, who we are becoming. Trust that there is freedom in letting go. Trust the wisdom of our bodies, and the guidance of what we feel. Trust our hearts and it's desires.  

What is it like to follow your soul, to be in the excitement and discovery of the unknown?

Sit with that for a moment. 
Now, on to the Moon in all it's fullness! The Moon has moved into the fire sign of Sagittarius. This energy is full of forward movement, spontaneity, adventure, inspiration! Ruled by the planet of Jupiter it brings with it a seeking of truth (although through the mental), positivity, optimism, generosity and directness. With Mercury in retrograde and other planetary alignments don't be surprised if you want to be on the move, want to travel or are feeling a little unsettled and antsy, as well as normal MR activity (communication and technological misshapes). Also, things could be coming up for you that are karmic wounds, you might be feeling emotions that you can't connect to a memory in this life. This is the challenge and the gift of Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Have compassion for yourself during this time, don't resist the healing of this resurfacing of emotions. 

And I still feel the body is key, keep it moving. Keep nurturing it. I do think we are all facing challenges in our bodies right now, and there is medicine to be found and wisdom to be gleaned in it's experience. Time is collapsing and we are moving so much energy, it can be at times challenging for the body, so take extra care of it, and listen to it with a careful ear. 


  1. I have no idea how but this is real and Erika is right... Spot on.
    Just wanted to let you know that I look forward to all your posts however the Moon posts and your insights are something special and Lauren... in themselves, they are healing x Thank you as always for being an intelligent, insightful and generous spirit!

    1. wow... thank you Kylie.
      this comment means so much to me. you are very welcome. thank you for reading them and for being part of what happens here.
      i'm humbled and grateful.