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- wishing I could see these minimal and beautiful works by Lee Ulfan at one of my favorite places in the world, Versailles

- why does so much new abstraction look the same? Thought this was an interesting read, something we should be pondering in the studio if you are a painter and as we look at the art around us. 

- something else that I think should be making us think is the growing epidemic that has become known as the selfie. Though we are about 200 years out from the first fixed photographic image, it's only been about 100 years since a hand held camera has existed that would even have the potential to be held with one hand to take a selfie. Why has it taken us 100 years to turn the camera around and point it at ourselves in this specific way? And why the mass interest in taking them? Why now? How is it changing or relationship to photography (don't even get me started on the fact that now everyone with a camera phone thinks they are a photographer!!!!!) and our idea of a portrait? These are questions I ask myself as I look through my Instagram feed. I recently read this interesting article called Selfie Poetics in Mousse (one of my favorite publications). There were parts that were rather interesting and fed my questioning. I particularly loved this part in thinking about the impact of selfies and how they are changing our relationship to... well, the self and our understand of such through images and culture, "the selfie... reveals the social network as a telephone/mirror hybrid—literally!—and continues the aestheticization of everyday life in social media that has leeched the authority of image-making from mass media and from art." I'm happy to report that my spell check still can't recognize the word, but none the less I'm afraid selfies are here to stay. 

- the top 10 songs written about artists! The last part of this sentence made me laugh out loud, "We’ve omitted duplicate songs about artists — which means Jay-Z’s “Picasso Baby” was left behind — as well as songs that simply and fleetingly mention an artist — once again meaning all Jay-Z’s references to Basquiat have been disqualified."

- a happy dance number!

- this book sounds really great... The Crystal Eaters 

- since the new year I have been loving this LP: I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age In America 1950 - 1990. It's a gem of a find. So good. So. Good.

- it's no secret that I am fascinated by death and mourning rituals, that being said I really hope to get to see this show at the Met opening this fall

- i am really not a fan of his work but this review in the form of a poem of the Jeff Koons show using all the best lines, metaphors and criticism is so on point! "There's something truly cruel in his sculptures' indifference to any audience desire for profundity."

Classical Still Life ~ 1937
James Turrell
Benjamin Valenza
Balenciaga -1960s

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