new moon // july


Thunder Moon
Saturday, 26th of July, Leo, 3:41 pm PST

It's no doubt still a challenging time for most, lots of old pattern and beliefs and energy is surfacing in our bodies, it's all so ready for healing. This just tells us that we are transitioning, and moving into a place in our lives that moves beyond our past, we are ready to let go of the old that no longer serves us. It is a time of growth and forward movement. With the Sun and Moon in Leo you are sure to feel this energy of forward motion and expansion. Leo is also ruled by the Sun, a planet of vibrancy, stamina, vitality, will power, stability and longevity! And with the Lion as the symbol of the Leo mix warmth, generosity and protection into the energy melting pot we are in. 

Think about how the Sun holds our solar system together and the heart at the center and core of your body. This is a powerful time for listening to your heart and following it! Use this energy. You are supported in this moment to take a risk, and go after the thing your heart desires. This is really important, learning to trust that you are supported to take a leap. Issues of being supported might be coming up for you right now too, have lots of compassion during this time. The Lion helps us to get in touch with our inner fire and helps to feed the flames to be courageous in our lives. 

This is also a great time to reflect on how you express yourself in the world, how you create and give and love! This is a very creative time. Ideas may be coming to you, it is important to act on them, to not stifle this flow of energy. Being creative is an incredible tool we have for healing. Now is the perfect time to use it!

I also wanted to talk for a moment about strength, with the Moon and Sun in Leo it seemed a perfect time to do so. It's something that has been on my mind for a few weeks now. I have really been listening to how people use this word. Things like, "Oh, I don't know how you are doing that, you are so strong" or "I didn't think I was going to cry, I wanted to be so strong" have really been hitting me. What do we mean when we stay the word strong or think about our own strength? Where is that sourced from? What does that look like? Does it mean something different to you than it does when other people use the word? For me it does. 

Somehow along the way we have come to believe that strength means not having feelings. That to be strong or act with such strength you have to not have feelings. You have to put up a wall to keep things in or out and forge ahead. Push things down to get through it. To be strong for someone is to often times ignore your own self. And I don't agree with any of this. I really believe that strength is the willingness to feel. To just feel your emotions in any situation, and not run away, not put up a wall, not push them down. 

Think about the person who says, "I didn't think I was going to cry, I wanted to be strong." To me real strength is allowing yourself to feel that sadness. To allow yourself to cry when you need to shed tears is true inner strength, because it's then that you are connected to the self. To be vulnerable and let go and go there while facing the situation you are in. What better way to demonstrate your inner strength than to allow yourself to feel what you are feeling in that moment, to stay connected to yourself. I think that is true inner strength, when you honor yourself by listening to what you feel. 

oh! I almost forgot about New Moon wishes. You are allowed ten wishes maximum, they must be hand written on paper and made within the first 24 hours of exact time of the New Moon (the first 48 hours will do). This Moon is a perfect time to wish for anything involving your heart, your creativity, manifesting dreams, new projects, or self - confidence. 

jean arp/hans arp

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