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- check out the collaboration I did with Vacation Days! Now you can wear one of my malachite watercolor collages!! And it's cashmere!!!! Thank you Hamish! 

- watch this amazing clip of Warhol eating a hamburger from the 1966 film 66 Scenes From America

- this weekend I listened to this amazing Ted Talk on gratitude in the car. I had to pull over I was so engrossed in it. It's a serious game changer. Please, please take a few min and listen to him talk about the relationship between happiness and gratitude, and how every moment is a new gift and an opportunity.

- another great thing I listened to - or re-listened to - not so long ago was this amazing story about Lucy

- over the weekend saw Another Cats Show and Oscar Omori's show at Iko Iko

- last weekend I came across these amazing photos of nightlife in the late seventies in Manhattan taken by Meryl Meisler. There is something about them that just captured me. Besides the amazing fashion and icons of the time there is something really wonderful about them. They are photos about a moment in time, not just a moment in the seventies but an actual moment, when the flash illuminates what is happening in the dark of those night clubs. The camera is capturing something that maybe the eye doesn't even see. Or at least, this is how I like to imagine it.
These photos seem extra special now that we are in a time of digital photography, where "bad shots" can be discarded and everything is so carefully curated, and photos like this being taken on our phones are uploaded moments later on to Instagram.
What have we lost?

- I used to make marbled paper as a kid with my mum, so I loved watching this video on The Art of Marbling 

- i really wish i could see this exhibition - I have always loved Olafur Eliasson's work

from the archive
- "everyone wants gold and a mermaid" - meet the amazing Ray

Oliver MichaelsSquare in Square Series 
These photo's are made by compositing photographs of parts of different buildings in chosen area or route.

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