full moon // august


Green Corn Moon
Sunday, August 10th, Aquarius, 11:09 am PST

This Moon it seems equally important to honor the Sun, for everything includes and is also influenced by it's opposite. This Full Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, and the Sun in the opposing sign of Leo. Both signs are fixed signs, and have strong masculine energy. Leo's energy wants personal expression, and Aquarius wants freedom! Leo is ruled by Fire, and Aquarius by Air, the coming together of these elements allows us to harness the two, and pulls us towards stepping out and igniting change in the world. 

Aquarius wants to influence beyond it's inner circle. It's time to think about your truth, and your core beliefs, and visions about the world, and how you bring those out into the world. It's time to think about how you stand at the edge of your tribe instead of at the center. How are you different than those closest to you? Think about the people in your life that are just beyond your inner circle: your co-workers, people you interact with daily at the market, maybe extended family, or neighbors and people in your community. How are you interacting with them? Are you bringing an open heart, a compassionate ear, a sense of self when interacting with them? We have much influence over those we spend the most time with in our lives, but now is a time to reach beyond to the greater circle we are in. And remember that the Aquarian always stands apart, on their own path, they have eyes that see beyond the limits of what others see.

Tonight, or any time during the waning Moon, is a great time to work with the cleansing properties of fire. Light a fire or a candle and ask the energy of the flames to help you let go of any unwanted energy in your life. You could burn some sage, sweetgrass, or a piece of palo santo wood to help clear the energy. Imagine the smoke carrying away what is no longer useful to you. Ask the air and fire to kindle and ignite your inner light, so it may shine brighter. And take some kind of action during this time that is in honor of you stepping out into the world in a bigger way and being seen for all of who you are.

Also, because it is a Full Moon, don't be surprised if you feel extra emotion around this idea. You might also feel the universe challenging you in these areas or pushing you in this direction.

Tonight is also the time to cleanse any rocks or minerals you have, set them out in the light of the Full Moon to clear their energy, and I like to keep mine out into the next day so they also get the full strength of the Suns energy. 

Olafur Eliasson

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