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- summer heat in LA #overit

- an amazing and thought provoking article on touch - Loosing Our Touch - Are we loosing our senses? The importance and the gift of having a body, and being human. What it means to be touched.

- so excited to share that a book I contributed to is now on the shelves! Women in Clothes is the brilliant new book by Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits and Leanne Shapton. It's a collection of interviews, conversations, photos, drawings, projects, and diagrams from over 600 contributors - including Miranda July, Cindy Sherman, Rachel Kushner, and Kim Gordon. I'm so honored to be a part of this amazing group of women, thoughts, ideas, and stories. 
On Saturday, September 20th there is a book launch at Skylight books in Los Feliz. You are invited to bring an item of clothing or two to swap. Each item should have a note pinned to it with your name and an interesting fact about the garment. More info can be found here.
You can read all of the full surveys on their website. 
I encourage you, if you haven't already, to run to your nearest independent bookstore and pick up a copy of your own. This is a "forever book"! (smile)
Thank YOU Women in Clothes!!

- Cindy Sherman's 156 Wigs, by Leanne Shapton

- Kathryn Ferguson's AMAZING video - The Beauty Project: Change is a Beautiful Thing

- The Essence of Sound - a hypnotizing video 

- thanks to a friend, I recently watched The Lovers on the Bridge. Totally weird and amazing. The firework scene!

- in a 24 hour period I watched the entire mini series by Jane Campion - Top of the Lake. Completely obsessed. love. love. love.
my favorite combo of dark and beautiful done well

- some videos from the archive - 

Allison Shulnick's video work
the amazing Brian Bress, his video for Pet Shop Boys
a squid's chromotophores reacting to Cypress Hill
a 1971 film about how graphic images create their own sound
a film of Luck Dragon's piece, Make a Baby

the incredible Deborah Turbeville

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