full moon // lunar eclipse // october




Hunter's Moon / Blood Moon
Wednesday, October 8th, Aries, 3:18 am PST

WOW! This is an exciting time with so many things happening in the skies, there is no way to escape the energy that is all around us, so don't even try. On the 4th Mercury went into retrograde, and on the 8th there is the Full Moon with a Lunar Eclipse! Before you jump in bed and hide under the covers until this is all over let's talk about what this actually means, because despite all the powerful intensity, it's a really amazing time full of growth, healing, magic... and love!

Yes, Mercury in retrograde usually means we will encounter plenty of wrong turns, miscommunication, and computer problems... but, on a personal level retrogrades are a time of deep reflection. They are a time to reflect on whatever Mercury is activating in the self as it transitions through the sky. This retrograde is all about love and relationships! How exciting and perfect. It starts in Scorpio but at the very beginning it touches on Neptune, pulling some of it's spiritual energy with it. Because it starts in Scorpio, this first week is a perfect time to reflect deeply into who you are in relationships. This is a time to look at who you are, and how you show up as your self in relationships (these can be romantic or other - one to one relationships). The Scorpio energy will help you get to the truth, like a laser, that is the beauty of the Scorpio, they want to go deep. Because Neptune is involved think about how you might spiritualize or idealize relationships. This is not a time to look at who you want to be, wish you were, your potential, or who you think you are, it's a time to look at the truth of who you are, and how you show up as your true self in relationships. 

Because of Libra it is also a time about surrendering! Which poses a dichotomy, how do you simultaneously probe deeply and surrender? Ask yourself this, the energy of this coupling creates so much freedom, possibility and truth in what it is to experience love. The second week of Mercury in retrograde, when Mercury shifts back into Libra around the 11th, is also a time to reflect on transforming your "expectations" in love to "intentions" in love. They have very different energies. Someone recently said to me, "... expectations are premeditated resentments". It implies consequences and control (usually out of fear). Where intention implies energy which is fluid, flexible, open, free! There is possibility in intention! It is about the beauty of surrendering. How do you let go of expectations with out letting go of the person and staying connected to the love? How do you love with intention, not with expectation?

Any time you have the energy of one sign you also have the energy of it's opposite. So, while we are feeling the Libra energy of surrendering we are also met with the fire of Aries! The Lunar Eclipse with the Aries / Libra access is all about being courageous with who you are in relationships!! Eclipses are a time of breaking away, breaking down, breaking loose. This can sometimes feel like a time where we are out of control and things are crumbling all around us, if you can use this energy consciously you can use it to break down patterns that you are ready to be free of, it can be a break down with purpose. It prepares you to build something in it's place, and to create space for something new to come in. Every time we let go we create space for something new. Something we want. Or something that wants us. 

This is an eyes wide open time! We are being asked to go deeply into who we are as a soul, and really look at how we show up in the truth of who we are, for ourselves, and for others. 

Claire Nereim Moon Pots, 2014


  1. What a great post. I must think about the 'intentions vs. expectiations' some more. There is a lot to learn for me there.

    1. yep! that alone is a lot of food for thought!

  2. Intentions vs. expectations - very powerful. Thanks for introducing me to this idea, Lauren. Also, "every time we let go we create space for something new" -- that is a wonderful way to look at letting go. Wonderful post, L! xoxo Joanna

    1. thanks for your comment, sweet Joanna!!! always so happy to know you visit! :)
      lots of love to you!