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Hunter's Moon
Thursday, October 23rd, Scorpio, 2:56 pm PST

So sorry this is a day late, things have come up which kept me from posting yesterday, travel / computer hiccups. But, there is still time for wishing! And I hope you saw the eclipse yesterday!

These two eclipses are like bookends, think about what has happened in the last two weeks: what events have taken place, what truths have been revealed, what have you had to let go of, what are you learning? Whatever has happened in your life since the Lunar Eclipse has not been an accident, and most likely has been intense and hard to ignore. The other day I was thinking about awareness and listening. And how when you are committed to growth and healing you are also committing to honoring the revelations you have, the lessons that show up, and the answers you hear. You can't be asking for answers or deeper awareness and then ignoring what is revealed to you because it is too hard to face or deal with. It just doesn't work like that. Ignoring it or waiting is what causes more pain, and more problems, that awareness will just come knocking on your door even louder until you listen! You have a responsibility to what shows up, to follow through with it, and make the changes, to let go, to head in the new direction. And often times this means walking into the unknown, into the darkness. You have to take that leap of faith, and say - I don't know why I have to do this, or how this will work out, but I know I must listen, and follow what is showing itself to me. Trust me, I know... this is hard... I am right there in it myself. And I want to honor you for taking that leap!

This is truly a time of deciding who you are, and what you want in your life.
You don't have to know all the answers, but perhaps it is a time to live in the question. 

We are in the energy of the Scorpio. Being a Scorpio myself I love this energy and am very at home in it, but depending on your own sign this energy can feel very intense and confrontational even. We are transitioning from the light feminine of Libra into the dark feminine of the Scorpio. This energy is all about power, transformation, intensity, truth, sexuality and the mastery of the self. It really is a time about diving into the darkness of the unknown to be reborn. Scorpios have an amazing ability to see the truth in people and situations, they are like a laser, if you are a Scorpio or know a Scorpio then you are well aware of this. Use this energy to see and hear the truth clearly, but remember, you have a responsibility to what reveals itself. With this darkness that is inherent in the feminine, the Scorpio energy, plus the darkness of the New Moon, don't be surprised if your shadow is revealing itself, now is an excellent time to recognize when it shows it self and how it runs the show. Everyone's shadow is different, and often times very tricky. The shadow is something you can learn from, it has a purpose and it should not be ignored or suppressed. We must learn to recognize it, and integrate it into our bodies in a healthy way. 

This is a time to listen deeply, and to step up and be seen, to speak your truth, to have the courage to discover who you really are, to take the leap into the unknown. Anything you have been holding back on, now is the time to go for it!

Because the Moon is empty of light, it is a great time to make wishes about anything you wish to call into your life. You can use the energy of the Scorpio to make wishes about the truth, the self, sex, transformation, letting go... You are allowed ten wishes maximum and they must be hand written on paper. The best time to wish is within the first 24 hours of the New Moon, but within the first 48 will work. 

Happy Wishing!

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  1. Love this post Lauren! You are such a great writer and I am especially fond of Scorpios! My Dad is one too and I have a Scorpio rising. I so resonate with this being a time of deciding who we want to be. All week my mantra has been 'risk more'. Boy did I get about a ZILLION opportunities to try out some new behaviors! I walked through lots of fear and am feeling much more empowered and grounded now. It's always amazing how much we can continue to learn about ourselves you know? Thanks for being a light on my path and for sharing your gifts with us. Love you! Ashley

    1. ohhh Ashley! I LOVE YOU! thank you for always writing such thoughtful and personal comments! you are so wonderful! i'm so grateful for you!
      RISK MORE!
      high-fiveing you on that one!
      and you are right... the learning is never ending... it always amazes me!
      and i love that your dad is a scorpio and you have scorpio rising! that makes sense to me :)

      love you! L x