These past few weeks something has been bubbling to the surface for me, some unsettled feeling that has been triggered by my heart, both it's strength and it's ache. It's a call for action, a desire for change - in myself - for how I'm seen - how I live... for how we live and how we see each other. A deep need to help others and change the conversation, open it up to be more inclusive to all life's experiences, not just the easily digestible, the easily understood. Anger about this is turning into passion to do something - to create a place where this can happen. And other angers are just lingering. Angers at people for leaving, for dying, for not listening, for being afraid. I don't know what to do with these. Feel them? 

I don't know if it's a result of my age or consciousness, but I'm at a moment where when I feel into everything in my life that truly matters to me and I find opposing feelings. Both the pain that comes with heartbreaking situations, and also the wisdom that is born from these experiences, the awe and profound gratitude I have for them, for the way things are, for the who I am, for life, for something much bigger at work. These two feelings are in every meaningful experience for me right now. The light and the dark. It's creating such a particular aura. Faith. 

Caravaggio, The Incredulity of St. Thomas (detail), c. 1601-02
Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed


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- with integrity and charm, a Japanese woodworker hand making dolls

- lusting after everything in the Electric Feather SS15 lookbook

- totally inspired by Jen Delos Reyes - found through Ashley

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- great show at 365 Mission - Supports and Surfaces, and Anna Helm and Lisa Lapinski

- i first saw a show of Pierre Huyghe when I was living in Paris 9 years ago, it has stayed with me since. I went to see his retrospective at LACMA yesterday... mind blown. 

- on that note... listened to this driving up to Ojai the other day and was moved to tears by it's beauty and truth - an interview with Joanna Macy - it's echoing in my consciousness

- thinking about this old post I did on the Santa Anna winds - years ago during this same time. Funny how weather patterns and emotional patterns can be linked and repeat themselves - like clockwork

photo I took at the Pierre Huyghe show yesterday - cast concrete and a beehive


new moon // november


Saturday, November 22nd, Sagittarius, 4:32 am PST

Tired of feeling like you have been dragged through the mud? Me too. These last few weeks have been intense ones in Scorpio energy. But, that is the nature of Scorpio, and whatever you have been going through is not without purpose. Really feel into that, think about all the things that have come up for you in the last month: the heartache, sadness, letting go, deep grief, fears about being in the unknown, your wounds, your shadow... whatever it is, all of it has been preparing you, it is not without reason. Having faith and trust in your experiences won't make things less painful, it's not a way to deny how hard things can sometimes be, but it's a way to not get stuck in the mud. It's a way to understand the bigger picture of the garden, and what it needs to grow. 

With this New Moon we are moving into the more expansive energy of Sagittarius, the happy wanderer, the truth seeker, the philosopher and eternal student. You might have felt this shift in the air this past week - this energy coming to us, THIS SPACE! After being underground in the energy of Scorpio this space can feel to some of us a bit overwhelming. How to use it, how to fill it? I think if you have been going really deep into your unconscious the past few weeks the energy we are in right now could feel too free. If you are one of these people ask the energy of Sag to help you find the excitement and joy of possibility! Right now there is a feeling in the air that anything is possible. Stay grounded and connected to your heart, and look into the expanse from this place. 

Sagittarius' symbol is of the centaur aiming his arrow far out into the reaches of the sky, beyond what he can see. This is a really profound image for the time we are in. Use this as an archetype, as a guide. This is your moment to begin a new journey, one that is full of unknown adventure and discovery. What is calling to you beyond the limits you have set for yourself? What dream do you have for your life? What vision can you see about something you want to create in your life? Now is a great time to ask yourself and feel into these questions: Who are you? What is your purpose? Sit with that - whatever comes to you is perfect, even if you don't know what it means. Start your journey of discovering the answer to these questions. And dream big! RISK big! Surrender to what is calling you and guiding you. 

New Moon's are especially wonderful times for making wishes, the Moon is empty of light and ready to be filled with intention. It can hold your visions and dreams and help bring them into the world as it gains more and more light in the dark sky. This time of Sagittarius is an energy of optimism, creativity, enthusiasm and generosity. It's a great time to make wishes about travel or adventure (even if it is within the self), big projects you wish to start or see manifest, moving through life with greater ease, higher learning, deeper truth and seeing the bigger picture. You are allowed ten wishes maximum, they must be handwritten, and the best time to make them is within the first 24 hours of the exact time of the New Moon, but within the first 48 will do. 

Happy Wishing!

Also, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to extend my deep gratitude and thanks to everyone who shows up here, if it's for the first time or for many years. I am grateful for you every day. xx

John Cage, Score for Music Walk, 1958


full moon // november


Hunters Moon
Thursday, November 6th, Taurus, 2:22 am PST

We are in a time of palatable Feminine Power, with this Full Moon in Taurus and it's ruling planet of Venus, the energy of the feminine is all around is. Taurus is ruled by the Earth element, think about the qualities of Earth and it's feminine energy (Mother Nature). Think about the Earth as a body, it's sensuality and tactility, a place that holds beauty and power with grace. It's a place that harnesses the energy of all the elements and has immense POWER! How is this same energy in you? How are you holding simultaneous energies? How are your experiencing your senses - how things feel, how things taste, the vibrancy of color...? This energy is rich with wisdom and power.

It's also a time where your shadow will be triggered, the dark side of the Female. I mentioned this in the post before, but now that energy is really coming to the surface for people. And if you are not aware of what your shadow does and can not identify when it's being triggered you will project it on to other people. 

More than anything this is a time of seeing the truth and learning how to deal with it differently. 

There is this one exercise I do in my movement class where you allow your body to move and then you interrupt it and move in a different way, either in the opposite way, or incorporate a body part that's not being activated. It is so simple, but it is really challenging to keep responding differently, to break patterns and not create habitual behaviors. I thought about this this morning when I was thinking about the energy right now. It is really powerful to have the truth come up - identify it - have our wounds and our shadows triggered and then CHOOSE to respond differently; to fight the urges that come from a place of habit, or wanting to be comfortable. What would happen if you responded in the opposite way? It is uncomfortable at first, but ultimately it is incredibly empowering! Try it and let me know. 

photo - unknown


clay pool

CLAY POOL is an exhibition of seven Los Angeles ceramic artists and designers including new works by Heather Levine, Victoria Morris, Morgan Peck, Emilie Halpern, April Napier, BZIPPY & CO. and Julia Haft-Candell.  This collection of artists highlights the diversity of ceramic technique and influences - with a strong investment in materials and craft.  Whether thrown or hand built each artist works in their own pool of influences ranging from pattern, Japanese pottery, the Funk Movement, architecture, or Scandinavian design - providing a materially based conversation amongst the works. 

limited edition poster by Lauren Spencer King