full moon // november


Hunters Moon
Thursday, November 6th, Taurus, 2:22 am PST

We are in a time of palatable Feminine Power, with this Full Moon in Taurus and it's ruling planet of Venus, the energy of the feminine is all around is. Taurus is ruled by the Earth element, think about the qualities of Earth and it's feminine energy (Mother Nature). Think about the Earth as a body, it's sensuality and tactility, a place that holds beauty and power with grace. It's a place that harnesses the energy of all the elements and has immense POWER! How is this same energy in you? How are you holding simultaneous energies? How are your experiencing your senses - how things feel, how things taste, the vibrancy of color...? This energy is rich with wisdom and power.

It's also a time where your shadow will be triggered, the dark side of the Female. I mentioned this in the post before, but now that energy is really coming to the surface for people. And if you are not aware of what your shadow does and can not identify when it's being triggered you will project it on to other people. 

More than anything this is a time of seeing the truth and learning how to deal with it differently. 

There is this one exercise I do in my movement class where you allow your body to move and then you interrupt it and move in a different way, either in the opposite way, or incorporate a body part that's not being activated. It is so simple, but it is really challenging to keep responding differently, to break patterns and not create habitual behaviors. I thought about this this morning when I was thinking about the energy right now. It is really powerful to have the truth come up - identify it - have our wounds and our shadows triggered and then CHOOSE to respond differently; to fight the urges that come from a place of habit, or wanting to be comfortable. What would happen if you responded in the opposite way? It is uncomfortable at first, but ultimately it is incredibly empowering! Try it and let me know. 

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