full moon // december


Night Long Moon
Saturday, December 6th, Gemini, 4:27 am PST

Raise your hand if you are someone who thinks too much? Ya, I thought so. This Full Moon in Gemini connects us to the qualities of Air and Fire. It's a time of potential, seeing the big picture, taking on new projects, learning new things, great expansion, increased activity and connection. With the Moon at it's peak we are at our most open time, all circuits firing, evoking a desire for communication, igniting our curious nature and thirst for learning. Gemini's don't like to be tied down, better to be in two places at once. Right now you might be feeling a bit scattered or notice your age old ways of distraction surfacing (having trouble committing?). Gemini's like to exercises the mind: learning, speaking, thinking, listening, writing, teaching... this might sounds exciting to some, exhausting to others. Gemini, The Twins, rules the upper body and it's paired parts: the hands, arms, shoulders, lungs, nervous system. With all the Air energy right now you can feel how this might lead to excess anxiety, worry, nervousness, or over thinking. This is the underside of the upbeat energy we are in. So, take extra care to stay relaxed and grounded. If you are someone who is stuck in your head spend some time moving your body, connect to your senses (especially powerful right now to do this in nature), find an activity that you loose yourself in, where you let go of everything you are thinking and allow yourself to feel. 

Just as New Moons are great for setting intentions and bringing things into your life, Full Moons are great times for letting things go. You can imagine you are doing this with the help of the light of the Moon. Right now it is full of light, and each moment it is letting go, emptying itself of more and more light until it is dark, New. Use this energy to help you let go of unhealthy thoughts, old beliefs, stories, and patterns that are stuck in your head. These are the thoughts that are on a loop, on repeat. Every time you catch yourself listening to one just let it go, make another choice. 

Also, since we are in the energy of Gemini, I am feeling called to say - pay attention to any mirroring happening around you right now. Are there any coincidences, repetitions of patterns, of words, folds in time, deja vu... even dreams? Think about the people in your life as mirrors: what are they reflecting back to you about yourself? Think about your experiences as mirrors: what can they tell you about where you are in your growth? Really pay attention to the subtleties of everything. You don't have to know what it all means right now, but having awareness of it is key.

A few other notes about other planetary alignments and energies. This is an especially important time to communicate your truth from your heart, and to be open to receive the truth of those you love. To be vulnerable to speak and receive with openness and love. To be sensitive as people you love are sharing themselves with you, receive their words and truth with compassion, without any need to fix things for them, or change their experience, or even take on their own experience as your own. Just hold the space for loving communication right now. This has the potential to be deeply healing. 

And December 21st is the Winter Solstice. This is a great time as the energy shifts to acknowledge things you want to let go of, bring to a close, complete. And to think about the energy and potential of the new season, and what you wish to create and call in. It is important to do some kind of ritual around this awareness.  

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