full moon // december


Night Long Moon
Friday, December 25th, Cancer, 3:11 am PST

Happy Christmas to you! What a special gift we all get to receive today, a Full Moon looking down on us, shining bright, high up in the dark and cold Winter sky. This is a time all about transitioning. Winter is a natural time of slowing down, going inwards, and needing the solace of silence. Just as the Bear hibernates, we need to as well. It's ok if you are needing more quiet and alone time, if you want to be sleeping longer, reading all day, taking long walks in the woods, and craving warm and comforting foods. Be in the natural rhythm of the season. All of these activities will nourish and nurture you right now, which is also directly in alignment with the energy of Cancer. A big part of this Full Moon is the nurturing, mothering energy that Cancer brings. 

We are about to shift to 2016, and into all sorts of BIG things coming our way, this is a perfect time to pause and reflect as we start to transition. What does your heart need right now? How can your honor it in this moment? What wisdom does it hold for you? I really think that right now we are on the edge of transitioning into some huge shifts in our lives. Things we have been wanting, and wishing for, and getting ready for for so long. Now is the time to go inward and get clear, to take that grounding deep breath before you take the leap! Be as clear as you can be about where you are in your life and what you want. Something to be asking yourself is - How committed am I to what my heart desires? This is a big question. I have been learning that the more committed I am to something the more clear my choices can be. Being committed to something requires a lot of you, but it can also guide the way as you move forward. 

And with this energy from Cancer I wouldn't be surprised if your heart is desiring things that have to do with family, home, relationships, protection, nurturing, emotional connection. 

Take this time to take a breath, slow down, be silent, and nurture yourself. 

image unknown


saturday sale

I will be selling a new collection of minerals and crystals on Saturday!
As well as a whole bunch of other great stuff by these lovely people!
Come by!


new moon // december


Long Night Moon
Friday, December 11th, Sagittarius, 2:29 am PST

The last few months have been rough ones. We are in a time of being pushed to do and see and be all sorts of things in our lives. Things that are sometimes painful, or things that are challenging, things that allow for growth, and things that open our hearts. 

As the year is winding down it is a time to pause and feel into those changes, and challenges, and growth. To notice how far we have come. And to help us to see where we are going. It's important that when we go inside the cave to hibernate during this time of year that we do so in a way that honors the times we are now in. Reflection should not come from the mind, but from the heart. Feel into what you have been through and where you are now... and where you are going. What direction is your heart pointing? 

We just had a HUGE push of energy from the cosmos - one that might further divide those who are open and those who are not. It is an important time to stay connected to and grounded in the self, to be the anchor in the rough seas. Take some time of solitude and reflection, tap into those things about yourself that are true, and feel into the things that are coming your way. 

This is the last New Moon of the year, so be sure to reflect with intention and make your wishes true to who you are and what you want in your life. You can read more about wishing here. You might want to make your wishes from that earlier question : What direction is my heart pointing? Where does it want to go? See if you can wish for things in your life that your heart is already moving towards. 

Happy wishing!

Roe Ethridge, Farewell Horse (On the Dunes)


the power of grief - workshop

The Power of Grief
A Workshop to Help You Through the Holidays

leading a workshop with my friend Ann Faison

Sunday, December 20th
10 - 12 am
Pasadena, CA



full moon // november


Hunter's Moon
Wednesday, November 25th, Gemini, 2:44 pm PST

This will be short and sweet as I just arrived in London and my brain needs a bit of a rest. Though I did get a great view of it tonight, all the way on the other side of the world. 
Hold your hand high if you feel like you have been put through the ringer these past few weeks!? Yep, then you aren't alone. That last Scorpio New Moon was a powerful one, and as the weeks have passed it seems to be unearthing a lot of what has been hidden and what we have been trying to hide. It's time to shine a light on it, let it come out into the open, expose it, and take a good look at it... this goes for ourselves and what is being exposed in others. This seems to be something that is happening a lot in our relationships. Though, really, when you get down to it it's really all about us. But, we aren't doing it alone - if you are in a relationship then you are really facing this in and with your partner as well. While things are still surfacing thanks to that Scorpio energy we are seeing the dichotomy of the Gemini, the places where something is true, and it's opposite is also true. We are learning to see and hold both. 

Time to make some choices. 

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venice, ca // breathwork meditation


Tuesday, November 17th
7:00 - 8:30 pm
$30 - limited space / RSVP
email to reserve your spot - laurenspencerking@gmail.com

This is a two part active Pranayama Breathwork meditation that is very healing. 
Though the breath is simple to learn it is quite powerful and profound to 
experience. The breath clears emotional blocks and stuck energy, allowing you 
to open up and connect to something bigger, and tap into the truth that is inside
you. Through quieting the mind you create space to listen with your heart, 
leaving you feeling peaceful, grounded, and expansive.

Come relax and ground before the holidays!


new moon // november


Hunters Moon
Wednesday, November 11th, Scorpio, 9:47 pm PST

Everyone is talking about how there is so much agitation in the air right now. Feeling cranky or irritated, feeling in a bad mood,  feeling lots of resistance, or just feeling off. I don't feel this, maybe you don't either - but maybe you do or you see it in others. This is a Moon where I feel it is affecting different people in different ways. It could be that because I just came through a period of a few days where I was truly in Scorpio energy - attending a funeral, talking about death, grieving, and then in a workshop where I was transforming old energy in my body - while also celebrating my birthday... the full circle of the Scorpio - life and death together... It could be that because I am really in the natural energy of Scorpio that I feel right at home. No resistance. If you are also a Scorpio like me then you might feel this same way. This is my kind of intensity. And maybe it's the other signs that are having the hardest time and finding it very challenging and confronting. Scorpio energy is all about the depths of emotion, the receptivity of the Feminine, magnetism and mystery, sexuality, and the power that is held in the transformation of the dark. For me, I don't understand who wouldn't want to be in this! It's amazing! But, I also realize it might not be every one's cup of tea.

This agitation you feel can quickly be turned into productive fuel simply by doing something with it. You just have to move it and then it becomes the fire to fuel a project, or get you going with something. Use your tools: move your body, be creative... whatever it is, just get it moving and you can keep yourself from being stuck in the irritation. Also, use the resistance or irritation as a compass - it is usually pointing in the direction where you are stretching and growing the most. It's pointing to the direction you are going. Funny enough. It shows up as a roadblock, but it's actually an arrow -> "Head this way!" Right now our egos are really being stirred up in us, they don't want us to grow or get to a place where they aren't in control. It's ok to be uncomfortable (it's just the discomfort of the ego). It's ok to stretch beyond your limits (your soul is waiting). You are ready.

Scorpio energy is very powerful! Everyone always thinks of the Scorpio as being harsh towards others, but really the Scorpion is best at stinging itself. It is most biting, judgmental and hard on itself than it ever is on others. Be aware if particularly harsh thoughts are surfacing, if you find yourself being critical or using your thoughts to disempower yourself. See if you can catch yourself when you are doing this. Know that these thoughts are not true. They might not go away, but try to do an activity that connects you to your own greatness, one that reminds you of who you are. This will help to shift everything so you are not coming from that critical place, so it's not running the show. Those thoughts might not go completely quiet, but you don't have to buy into them when they arise. Now is a time to anchor yourself in your true energy, in your heart, in your soul. Anything you can do right now to do that will be essential in moving through this time.

This is a time where things are bound to surface. Scorpio is all about transformation, it is a master healer. Use this energy in your life right now to help you move through what you are facing. See if you can tap into this wise energy that knows just what to do to transform and heal. Your intuition is bound to be stronger than ever. Trust it. 

Scorpio also rules the natural cycle of death and rebirth. How is this cycle of energy showing up in your life right now? I think there is comfort in knowing that you are in the natural energy of the cosmos. 

It is also a time for New Moon Wishing! It's a great time to wish about where you are headed, energy you wish to bring in, ways you want to move forward in the world. You can read more about how to wish right here

Enjoy this time. I know it might be really difficult. But, there is such magic in the Scorpio New Moon! Don't be afraid to explore its depths, and dive into the darkness. That's where the gold is. 

Mark Rothko


santa ana

Every year when the Santa Ana winds blow I always think of this Joan Didion essay from Slouching Towards Bethlehem. In her essay, Los Angeles Notebook, Didion talks about the eerie effects on the winds on Los Angeles. I am paraphrasing here, but she writes:

 To live with the Santa Ana is to accept, consciously or unconsciously, a deep mechanistic view of human behaviour. I recall being told, when I first moved to Los Angeles and was living on an isolated beach, that the Indians would throw themselves into the sea when the bad wind blew. I could see why. The Pacific turned ominously glossy during a Santa Ana period, and one woke in the night troubled not only by the peacocks screaming in the olive trees but by the eerie absence of surf. Anything could happen. That was the kind of wind it was. I did not know then that there was any basis for the effect it had on all of us, but it turns out to be another of those cases in which science bears out folk wisdom. 
A few years ago an Israeli physicist discovered that not only during such winds, but for ten or twelve hours which precede them, the air carries an unusually high ratio of positive to negative ions. No one seems to know exactly why that should be; some talk about friction and others suggest solar disturbances. In any case the positive ions are there, and what an excess of positive ions does, in the simplest terms, is make people unhappy. 
Easterners commonly complain that there is no "weather" at all in Southern California, that the days and the seasons slip by relentlessly, numbingly bland. That is quite misleading. In fact the climate is characterized by infrequent but violent extremes. 
It is hard for people who have not lived in Los Angeles to realize how radically the Santa Ana figures in the local imagination. Los Angeles weather is the weather of catastrophe, of apocalypse, and, just as the reliably long and bitter winters of New England determine the way life is lived there, so the violence and the unpredictability of the Santa Ana affect the entire quality of life in Los Angeles, accentuate its impermanence, its unreliability. 
The wind shows us how close to the edge we are. 

here is a link if you want to read the essay in it's entirety
photo: Oasis by Elizabeth Atterbury 


full moon // october


Hunter's Moon / Harvest Moon
Tuesday, October 27th, Taurus, 5:05 am PST

Even a day late... this post is still resisting being written (I can't tell you the amount of phone calls I have gotten while writing this.) I have been sick in bed and decided to give myself a few days off - letting myself off the hook from emails, the phone, and obligations. Knowing that all would be ok without me. But, this post has been looming over my head, I have had so much resistance to writing it, using my cold as an excuse, my head unclear about what is happening in the air right now. Could it in fact be resistance

It is time to look at how resistance is keeping us from moving forward. What little voices, old feelings, unexplainable roadblocks are we encountering? It's really that last one I am interested in; the unexplainable roadblock. We have all been under the effect of this powerful Moon for days before it's peak. Emotions have been high, and there seems to be an unknown and perhaps - at first glance - unexplainable or even light hearted form of resistance that has been a barrier for many things in our lives right now. Saying to ourselves - It's just a cold, a missed phone call, a bump on the head, an unanswered email, my favorite yoga class I don't want to go to, a voice saying "I'll do it later", a feeling of doubt from "out of nowhere"... but is it? That's the question I am asking. I'm not saying that these little things need to mean something on a grand scale or portend some major event. But, rather that it is these little hiccups or bumps in the road that are in fact our own resistance showing up as events that in it of themselves don't mean much, but are masking something bigger and meaningful. It's this "out of nowhere / unexplainable / no big deal" resistance that I am looking at. What is this new form of resistance - what is it masking - how is it working in me - and what does it want? As we learn about our own ways of resistance and bring them to light - is this energy finding new ways of disguising itself?

Keep your eyes open!

With the Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio this is a time of learning to ground in the pleasures of our everyday life, to anchor in the beauty of our reality, while also nurturing our inner desire to travel to the unknown and unseen aspects of ourselves. How can you create this dynamic in your life right now? Maybe it is through taking the time to cook a big, elaborate dinner for yourself after you have had an emotionally hard day. Or rewarding yourself for speaking a difficult truth by spending time enjoying nature. Or allowing some unpleasant things about yourself to surface and instead of wallowing, take them with you to a museum. Find your own way, but create a space of allowance while being anchored. 

Happy Full Moon and Happy Halloween!

enjoy this song, one of my all time favorites, and it's perfect for the season. Every time I hear it I get teary, and speechless, and think of when and where I grew up. 

Theda Bara


from around

- into this video - clearly influenced by Deborah Turbeville

- one day I want to visit Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. This otherworldly salt flat is the result of transformations of several prehistoric lakes. The thick salt crust is reported to have 50 to 70% of the worlds lithium. Which I imagine would be incredibly relaxing, as Lithium Quartz and Lepidolite are two minerals with high levels of lithium and are very helpful to reduce stress and aid in relaxation. Oh, and it has pink flamingos.

- a nice podcast on the influence of Joan Didion from the New Yorker. Some interesting points in there about the recent interest in her - a Joan Didion trend in the last few years among a certain breed of young women. 

- The New World Order - my new dream vintage shop - bonkers 

- recently added Holy Motors and 3 Women to my top five favorite movies of all time

- Dior's flower mound at the Louvre for Paris fashion week made me gasp! So sad to learn that Raf is leaving Dior.

- the wonderful Miranda July talks to Rihanna

- a great piece about Gloria Steinem in the New Yorker. She always been a heroine of mine.
"Lead with love. Low ego - high impact. Move at the speed of trust."

Nadav Kander


leslie williamson // fvf

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Leslie Williamson for Fruende von Fruenden. Head over to read all about her fly swatter collection, her ideas about the word home, and her desire to get inside and photograph the Vatican. Also, see the great photos taken by the talented Brain W. Ferry

“As artists we wear our heart’s on our sleeve… I like to think that there is a transparency between our homes and our work.”

A big thanks to Leslie, Brian and FvF!


new moon // october


Harvest Moon
Monday, October 12th, Libra, 5:05 pm PST

Yep, it's been a challenging few weeks. Let's just get that out on the table. No one can escape what they are being asked to face in their life right now. Know that whatever is coming up for you is important to your soul's growth. I also strongly believe that everything that is coming up right now is about the past. It's old stuff / energy / emotions / beliefs / dynamic... We recognize it, but it isn't the truth of what is happening. Our present experiences are triggering it and bringing it up, yes, that is true. But where we go when we are triggered is to an old place. A place that isn't a reflection of where we are now. This is crucial awareness to have. What you are feeling is old. And it's not the kind of old that connects us to our linage in a way where we feel we are on some sort of path that has a bigger purpose, or the kind of old that breeds wisdom. It's just old and untrue. 

Take a moment to think about what kinds of things are coming up for you in your life, what feelings you are having, what thoughts... We are so familiar with this energy that it is so easy to believe it, to buy into it. To say, "Oh ya, here it is again, that thing. I always feel x, y & z when this happens." The things coming up are things that we have seen and felt before. But this time, they aren't a reflection of where we are and the truth of the situation. I don't think you can avoid feeling what you are feeling, but I think in order to move through it what is helpful is taking a moment and really asking yourself if what you are feeling is the truth about the situation. Keep doing this over and over as you are triggered and feeling things surfacing.

We have come through a series of really powerful Moons and shifts in the Sky. Some of that energy is still with us as we spend time this month allowing it to integrate. The most important thing is to allow. Allow whatever is coming up to come up. Make space for it to come through, to spend time with it and see it for what it is, and to nurture yourself through this process. There is a ton of old, deep, energy emerging in us. We owe it to ourselves to feel it, and shift it. Be especially mindful with the Moon and Sun in Libra that you aren't trying to create balance for others by being the peacemaker, by care-taking, or by taking false responsibility for their emotions. This time is really about you. Just keep bringing your awareness back to yourself. 

Also, spend time feeling into where your soul is going. Where it is growing and what is it growing towards?
Let that energy pull you and evolve you towards it. 

With New Moons we have the opportunity to make some wishes. You can read more about how to do that here. With this Moon in Libra it's a great time to make wishes about balance, partnerships that are founded in equality, compassion and service, truthful communication, networking, and business.  

Francisco de Zurbarán - detail from Saint Lucy


salon no.13

Salon No.13
Zoe Crosher
Emma Gray
Emilie Halpern
Ariel Herwitz
Lauren Spencer King
Galia Linn
Fay Ray
Samantha Thomas

In the Bedroom
29 Palms

Exhibition is open by appointment
September 28 - November 21

If you can't see the show - see photos of it on my new site, here

Lauren Spencer King, "Witnesses", watercolor on paper on panel, 12" x 16"


new moon meditation // marine projects // venice, ca

In conjunction with Salon No. 13, artist Lauren Spencer King is hosting a 
Monday, October 12th / 7:00 - 8:30 pm / VENICE, CA / $30 / limited space - for the address and to reserve your space please rsvp to laurenspencerking@gmail.com

Breath is what connects us to each other, to every thing, to all times. This is a two part active Pranayama Breathwork meditation that is very healing. Though the breath is simple to learn, it is quite powerful and profound to experience. Clear emotional blocks and stuck energy which will allow you to open up and connect to the universe, dive deeper into the self, and tap into your truth and intuition.  Through quieting the mind you create space to listen with your heart. Leave feeling peaceful, grounded, and expansive.

This is also a great opportunity to see the show.


book stand // art books

A while back I had the honor of having a conversation with BOOK STAND. You can read it in full here

Being a long time lover and supporter of everything that BOOK STAND does I am happy to share that they are taking these thought provoking and lovely conversations a step further. They will be turning them into a film! "An avant-garde documentary about self-expression and self-publishing. An exploration of purpose, determination and the creative psyche." Interviewing artist and creative thinkers a like, with plans to travel to such places as San Sebastian, Oslo, Zaragoza, Paris and beyond. 
But wait! They need your help to do this! If you would like to read more about this project and contribute click right here.


Cleopatra with the Asp by Reni Guido, 1630


full moon // lunar eclipse // september


Harvest Moon 
Sunday, September 27, Aires, 7:50 pn PST

During our last Full Moon I talked a lot about faith, how faith is directly proportional to our ability to trust ourselves, and its relationship to the unknown. The opposite of faith isn't doubt. It's certainty. Doubt and the unknown are so much a part of having faith. This is still in the air for us, big time!

Right now there is this window open to us of opportunity that is created by the Lunar Eclipse happening tonight. Lunar Eclipses "bring light" to things that have been hidden or the things that we haven't been willing to look at. It is an uncomfortable time where things are coming up, and as a result we crave harmony and balance. Be willing to be a bit uncomfortable, to take a really good look at what is surfacing for you. This Moon is in the sign of Aries which is all about direction and forward movement, but sometimes we act with haste and on impulse. It is a good time to take a moment to step back and really let some things surface from this hidden place before moving forward. It's a time to really get clear about what YOU want / feel / think... you and no one else. When you separate yourself out and take a little space it is easy to see what is important to you, and listen to your own inner voice. This will allow you to move forward with clarity, intention and heart... and most importantly sense of self. It also allows you to really see what is yours - what is your stuff / your feelings / your issues. It is important to take responsibility and own that, it will empower you. 

Part of moving forward from this place may feel like walking in the dark, knowing the general direction where you are headed, but literally taking one step at a time. Let it be a time of discovery, discovering in each moment what it is that you want, over and over again, while taking each step with purpose and curiosity. Also, don't be afraid to walk in a direction where there is no path, you have lot of support right now to forge ahead into new territory and be courageous. Be willing to trust the unknown, to risk!

There is also a lot of Animal Medicine in the air right now. Keep you eyes open for how animals are showing up for you, and when they are showing up. Let them be guides, be open to what messages they have for you. 

This is a really intense Full Moon - you can feel the pressure, literally. It is very physical as well as emotional. Take some rest, treat your body well. The pressure is on. Relationships are under a microscope right now - your relationship to others but more so to yourself. So, take this time to do some deep work and tend to your inner life. There is a huge opportunity for growth as you move forward from this place. The more willing you are to look within, the more faith you have to take some risks right now, the bigger the window of opportunity you will create for yourself. Move forward grounded in what you feel, grounded in what is important to you, grounded in what you desire most. 

Yoko Ono, Bag Piece


new moon // september


Fruit Moon
Saturday, September 12th, Virgo, 11:42 pm PST

So much is happening in the skies! This weekend we have a New Moon and a partial Solar Eclipse (later this month we have a Lunar Eclipse). In September Venus, Mercury and Pluto all change directions and go into Retrograde. Mars and Saturn change signs. And at the end of the month we have our Autumn Equinox! This is enough to make your head spin! But, fear not... all change is good change. 

Without going into the details of what all this means... let's just keep the focus on how to support you through this time. 
Your new motto : Let it happen! 

Let it happen is different than "let it go." Let it happen is all about allowing what is right in front of you to be embodied. It's all right there. It's about allowing. Giving permission. And surrendering. 

These last few days have been particularly emotional ones. So many people around me, myself included, have felt waves of emotion coming from "nowhere." Allow yourself to be emotional without having to know why. That "why" question comes from our minds, it really just gets in the way of our own experience, it blocks it, and slows it down, and sometimes even stops it. Try to just sit back and let it happen. And trust those emotions, your body has a wisdom that the mind cannot even fathom. Sometimes you won't know why, and that's ok, and maybe for the best. The best thing you can do is just allow and give yourself permission. Let it come up, let it be felt, and let it happen. It's gifts and lessons will be stored in your body, trust that they are there. 

With this New Moon we are in a time full of opportunity! An opening! Whatever has been knocking on your door, whatever lesson has been hitting you over the head, whatever direction you are feeling pulled toward, whatever you are wanting to do... ask yourself "What am I waiting for?" Are you waiting for it to hurt more, to hit rock bottom, for permission, for an invitation, until it's easy, for the perfect time? Pay attention to what has been showing up over and over for you. And move in that direction. Let it happen. You don't have to understand how it will all happen... this is where trust and faith come in. And let the energy of Virgo this month help you. Virgo's are great in the day to day organization of things, focusing on practicality and order as a way to function and move through life. This is how they achieve great things! So, just stay focused on what is right in front of you. Ground yourself in the day to day, one step at a time, and let it unfold right before you. And not to far into the future you will be ready to look up - at the horizon - to see that you are in the big picture. 

Also, ask yourself - "What am I resisting?" When things show up time and time again, over and over, it's a good question to ask. What are you resisting? I believe that there are natural forces at work, and currents of energy that have direction. It's when we ignore or resist this natural flow that things get tricky / unnecessarily painful or difficult / confusing / heavy... and so on.  

New Moon's are opportunities for introspection. They are a blank slate, in their darkness anything is possible. It's a great time to make wishes for the next two weeks and beyond. Read more on how to do this here. You can wish about anything you want, but think about the kind of support you need and what will help you tackle the big picture. Think about the Virgo energy we are in right now: getting organized, focused, clearing things away. It's a great time to make wishes involving these things, as well as some of these questions - "What am I waiting for?" - "What am I resisting?"

Let it happen!

Philolaos Tloupas


reach the night life of humanity

We told each other our dreams. Nothing in art, even the most inspired mysteries of music, can equal dreams. The artistic perfection of dreams! How many lessons this nocturnal archmaster gives to us, the daily fabricators of dreams, the artists! In a dream everything is pregnant with a dreadful and unfinished meaning, nothing is indifferent, everything reaches us more deeply, more intimately than the most heated passion of the day. This is the lesson: an artist cannot be restricted to day, he has to reach the night life of humanity and seek its myths and symbols. Also: the dream upsets the reality of the experienced day and extracts certain fragments from it, strange fragments, and arranges them illogically in an arbitrary pattern. It is exactly this lack of sense that has the profoundest meaning for us: we ask why, in the name of what, is our ordinary sense destroyed. Gazing at the absurd as at a hieroglyph, we try to decipher its reason for being, of which we know only that it is, that it exists … Art, therefore, also can and should upset reality, take it apart into elements, build illogical new worlds of it and in this arbitrariness is hidden a law, which in disturbing sense has it, so that the madness that destroys our external sense leads us into our internal meaning. The dream reveals the abysmal idiocy of the task set for art by those classical minds that prescribe that art ought to be “clear.” Clarity? Its clarity is the clarity of night, not day. Its brightness is exactly like that of a flashlight that extracts just one object out of the darkness, immersing the rest in an even more bottomless night. It should be, beyond the boundaries of its light, dark like the pronouncements of the Pythia, veiled, not spelled out, shimmering with a multiplicity of meanings and broader than precision. A classical clarity? The clarity of the Greeks? If this seems clear to you then it is because you are blind. Go at high noon to take a good look at the most classical Venus, and you will see the darkest night.

Excerpted from Diary by Witold Gombrowicz, translated by Lillian Vallee, forthcoming from Yale University Press, part of the Margellos World Republic of Letters series.

posted this years ago, it deserves a repost
image unknown


not yet known to me

Robert Barry 
Something Which Is Very Near In Place And Time But Not Yet Known To Me. 6 Feb 1971


full moon // august


Grain Moon
Saturday, August 29th, Pisces, 11:35 am PST

In the wise words of Mr. George Michael, "Because I gotta have faith, faith, faith..." This Moon and Venus in retrograde has been stirring up some messy stuff in us and around us. Venus has been in retrograde since the end of July and thank goodness we will come out of it on September 6th. This planet has been drudging up some of our deepest and most tender of relationship fears and wounds. This has been a time of really looking at who we are and what we value, particularly when it comes to relationships. Retrogrades are usually hard times, but like all hardships, they allow us to reap such rewards. For me, the key to surviving this process has been staying connected to the things I have faith in and remembering what I trust. 

With this Full Moon in Pisces we have such support to do this. Pisces is the most sensitive, intuitive, compassionate, and spiritual sign of the zodiac. This energy helps us stay connected to a memory in us of wholeness and helps us to get to a deeper understanding within ourselves of what is happening in our lives. So, whatever the troubles are, whatever issue that's coming up, Pisces helps us to trust and grounds us in our faith. This has been my practice; whenever an insecurity surfaces, doubt arises, confusion sets in, old pain is triggered... I pause and connect to the things I know in my soul to be true. It's that place of inner knowing that is under all of our own wounds and shadows. Those won't go away, but they won't be our come from. We are straddling a place of trusting what we know and having faith in something bigger that is not yet known. 

The thing I love about faith is that it's directly related to the unknown. Faith isn't about what we know or can see, it's not about what we are certain about, or can prove, or even define. It's what we have to reach for when we are in the unknown. To actually have faith means that we have to let go of everything. 

unknown image 



fétiche blason

Fétiche Blason

Vertigo Neck, Lacanian Knot (2012)