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I seek to make things that I have imagined and have not yet done. Things I would like to see. 

- Xavier Corbero

totally inspired by this - dream space


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For many people, even intelligent and brilliant ones, why does beauty count for more than anything else in their appreciation of other human beings—particularly of women? - an interesting essay on beauty - thanks Nicole

Mon Oncle / Jacques Tati


new moon // january


Wolf Moon
Tuesday, January 20th, Aquarius, 5:13 pm PST

Our first New Moon of 2015! This New Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, an Air sign. Whenever I think of Aquarian energy I always think of an eagle or a hawk, with it's keen vision, soaring above a landscape, its wings outstretched. It is able to see the whole picture, and can have the perspective and wisdom that comes from being detached from what is happening which allows for greater understanding. Understanding of what lies on the horizon. Aquarians are visionaries, humanitarians, they are idealistic and free thinkers, and often ahead of their time in terms of ideas. 

Not only do we have the New Moon in Aquarius but tomorrow Mercury turns retrograde in Aquarius until March 12. Retrogrades are times of returning, don't be surprised if old friends or relationships come back around, or if you feel called to revisit people in your life you might have drifted away from. Even if you revisit the past on your own, it is worth thinking about and spending some time completing those circles either by reconnecting or by letting go.    

The last two years we have been in some heavy energy with Saturn in Scorpio. There has been a lot of energy stirred up from the deep and dark hidden corners of our souls, lots of personal and internal work that we have been doing, either by choice or that we have been forced to do by the cosmos; things that have been difficult to look at, and painful to feel about ourselves. This time has been so much about the self, which can keep us feeling isolated and alone. Saturn has shifted out of Scorpio (we can all take a sigh of relief) and has entered the sign of Sagittarius (until 2017). Wherever Saturn goes we can find our toughest lessons. There is a natural feeling of slowing down, examining, and getting rid of what no longer serves us during Saturn's transits. Things naturally break down during this time to reveal the truth. Saturn transits teach us to take responsibility for ourselves. We all seek out growth, but Saturn sees that we do it in a disciplined and examined manner. Saturn in Sagittarius will be teaching us lessons of excessiveness and irresponsibility. We will be craving knowledge, wisdom, life experience and a deep understanding of the influence and meaning of our experiences on us and in our lives. It's a time of clarity, on getting clear about what is important to us, what we want, and letting go of anything that is not in alignment with that. It is also of time about being able to clearly communicate with others what is important to us. 

With the New Moon and Retrograde in Aquarius and Saturn transiting Sagittarius there has been a real shift in the air these past few weeks of the new year. Things feel no less intense, especially given what is happening in the world. But, as I have been feeling into this change that is happening it feels as if there is a shift from the personal to the communal. I think we are in a very special moment, and are being given lots of opportunities to look at how events and people impact our lives and leave an impression on us. It's an important time to look at how we connect with others, and what makes us come together and unite. 

We are no doubt lacking a sense of community in our lives these days. There is a false sense of connecting to others that is the result of social media, but take some time over the next two weeks and really connect to people, face to face. Think about your relationship to community, and spend some time cultivating that in your life. This is a moment of stepping out into the world, after doing all of that deep personal work these past two years, and making an impact in a bigger way. What is your message? 

New Moons are also a great time for setting goals and intentions and making wishes. I recently wrote a guide for wishing which you can find below this post (here) if you would like more information of why this is or how to do it. You are allowed ten wishes maximum, they must be handwritten, and try to wish within the first 24 hours of the exact time of the New Moon for the strongest potency. You can wish about anything you like, but you can also use the energy of Aquarius to wish about community, connecting to others, big projects, friendships, innovative ideas, and expansive knowledge. 

Rainforest (1968) featuring Andy Warhol mylar pillows, Cunningham, Meg Harper dancers


guide to new moon wishing

Last month my dear friend Leigh asked me to write a guide to New Moon Wishing for Urban Outfitters, you can read it on their blog or below!
Thanks Leigh!



Last month I did a studio visit and a trip to LACMA to see the Pierre Huyghe show with Proximity Theater's Women's Workshop. You can read and see more about what they are up to on their tumblr. They made this short video about their studio visit. I watched it this morning and was moved to tears. It was a complete honor to have this group of truly amazing young women in my studio. We talked about art, intuition, and dance. I shared some of my journey as a female artist, as a daughter, as a woman. I was blown away by their thoughtfulness and willingness to trust themselves and their inner voice. Each of them at such a beautiful crossroad, at the beginning of asking themselves the questions I still ask myself now. Brave. Beautiful. Wise. Eloquent. Vulnerable. Strong. Funny. I was completely inspired by each of them and their trust in me. 

It was such a gift to be able to have such an open and honest conversation with them about my experience as a woman, what that means to me, about being inspired by my mother's death and minerals and formal questions in art, about intuition, and about what I think my roll is as an artist. About how much you can learn about yourself from your own feelings, moments when you are uncomfortable. Questions about what attracts us to certain works of art, does that make it good? How does beauty play a roll in what our idea of "good art" is? Etc.. etc... They were all incredibly open and honest about asking questions and sharing their ideas and opinions. I was blown away!

It reminds me of another conversation I had recently with a friend of a friend, talking to her about how she is having her first conversations with her child about death. I will say here what I shared with her that night. It's so much a part of the reason why I chose to work with grieving kids (kids in particular), and why I love working with kids in any capacity. I think we have a responsibility and an opportunity to help kids and young adults learn to be empowered by their feelings, even the most difficult ones. I have so much to say about this, and will save it for another time. But, I will say that I think that by doing that it is the ultimate gift we can give younger generations, and our children. I believe that we teach them this by being willing to feel all of our feelings ourselves. We teach by example. To allow ourselves the permission to express every feeling and give ourselves the right to own them. All with an open and honest heart. By doing this we show them that it is ok to be sad, angry, to have darkness as well as joy, to be in the questions of life and be able to say "I don't know", to be willing to be vulnerable, and afraid, and embrace all of it with a deep thirst to experience all of what life has to offer. And to do all this takes courage, feeling your feelings and being vulnerable doesn't make you weak, it makes you stronger.

Going into this studio visit I wanted to give them something of this message, but instead what happened was that they ended up giving ME so much more than what I could give them. That's what happens. Every time. I experience this in every one of my grief groups with kids too. If I just show up - open - as myself - and create a place for them to express I am always in awe by what happens and how much I learn. 

You can read more about what they are doing and watch the video of the studio visit here

100 thank you's to Kyra, I am so inspired by the work you are doing with teens, and to all the girls!


full moon // january


Old Moon
Sunday, January 4th, Cancer, 8:53 pm PST

The first Full Moon of the new year, and it is a powerful one. If you are sensitive then you might have felt this moon's effect on you last week and this weekend especially. You might have noticed yourself feeling extra sensitive, emotional, reactionary. Or you might have noticed others in your life expressing their emotions without thinking, feeling more vulnerable, or even more dramatic. This Full Moon is a really intense one. Most likely these feelings will feel as if they have come out of the blue, hitting you like a ton of bricks. They will leave in the same fashion they showed up. But until they do, be extra sensitive with yourself, have compassion for where you are, and have compassion while interacting with others. It's a good idea to just keep in mind that we are in the energy of a powerful Full Moon. You might not know what exactly is causing all this emotion, what it's all about or where it is coming from. That's ok. But, it's good to keep in mind that the Moon is playing a part in it. This can give you comfort. 

You can feel the weight of the Moon's intensity on your body as well. You might have a cold, or be feeling extra tired or run down. This Moon is a powerful and heavy one, it will effect your body. Again, just be mindful and take good care of yourself. It is a perfect time to do that as the Moon is in the sign of Cancer. With it's feminine energy it is all about our deep watery emotions, it's about family, mothering, and nurturing. It connects us to the past, the past of our family tree, but also a deeper more ancient past. It's a time of remember our personal history and where we come from, honoring the things and connections we want to hold on to, while at the same time taking a powerful and bold step towards the future. A future full of possibility and fresh starts, of new beginnings. This is a times of merging the known and the unknown, the past and the future. It's a time of facing the ever changing winds of life, embracing the unexpected and challenging yourself to dream wildy! Surprise yourself! While also staying connected and rooted in who you are, standing true in the knowledge of who you are and what is important to you.  

As the Moon moves from being full of light, to being empty and new it is a great time to let go. You might already feel as if you are shedding an old skin (this can be intense and uncomfortable), letting go of things that no longer serve you. This energy is so powerful right now that you may not need to actively do anything except to sit back and let it happen. Don't get in it's way or resist. This is a natural time of releasing and healing. 

Again, take good care of yourself: drink lots of water, take warm salt baths, be near the ocean, have a good cry - water energy is key and will be extra nurturing right now. Also, don't be afraid to reach out to someone, share how you are feeling. Don't isolate. Winter is a natural time of hibernating, but as the Winter Solstice has come and gone, we are gently moving towards Spring energy, it's time to start to reemerge, to reconnect. 

Full Moons are also wonderful times to clean any rocks, minerals or crystals. I like to leave mine out at night in the light of the moon and into the next day in the light of the Sun, to balance the male and female energies. 

Be gentle with yourself. 

The Little Mermaid // Copenhagen, Denmark