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Wolf Moon
Tuesday, January 20th, Aquarius, 5:13 pm PST

Our first New Moon of 2015! This New Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, an Air sign. Whenever I think of Aquarian energy I always think of an eagle or a hawk, with it's keen vision, soaring above a landscape, its wings outstretched. It is able to see the whole picture, and can have the perspective and wisdom that comes from being detached from what is happening which allows for greater understanding. Understanding of what lies on the horizon. Aquarians are visionaries, humanitarians, they are idealistic and free thinkers, and often ahead of their time in terms of ideas. 

Not only do we have the New Moon in Aquarius but tomorrow Mercury turns retrograde in Aquarius until March 12. Retrogrades are times of returning, don't be surprised if old friends or relationships come back around, or if you feel called to revisit people in your life you might have drifted away from. Even if you revisit the past on your own, it is worth thinking about and spending some time completing those circles either by reconnecting or by letting go.    

The last two years we have been in some heavy energy with Saturn in Scorpio. There has been a lot of energy stirred up from the deep and dark hidden corners of our souls, lots of personal and internal work that we have been doing, either by choice or that we have been forced to do by the cosmos; things that have been difficult to look at, and painful to feel about ourselves. This time has been so much about the self, which can keep us feeling isolated and alone. Saturn has shifted out of Scorpio (we can all take a sigh of relief) and has entered the sign of Sagittarius (until 2017). Wherever Saturn goes we can find our toughest lessons. There is a natural feeling of slowing down, examining, and getting rid of what no longer serves us during Saturn's transits. Things naturally break down during this time to reveal the truth. Saturn transits teach us to take responsibility for ourselves. We all seek out growth, but Saturn sees that we do it in a disciplined and examined manner. Saturn in Sagittarius will be teaching us lessons of excessiveness and irresponsibility. We will be craving knowledge, wisdom, life experience and a deep understanding of the influence and meaning of our experiences on us and in our lives. It's a time of clarity, on getting clear about what is important to us, what we want, and letting go of anything that is not in alignment with that. It is also of time about being able to clearly communicate with others what is important to us. 

With the New Moon and Retrograde in Aquarius and Saturn transiting Sagittarius there has been a real shift in the air these past few weeks of the new year. Things feel no less intense, especially given what is happening in the world. But, as I have been feeling into this change that is happening it feels as if there is a shift from the personal to the communal. I think we are in a very special moment, and are being given lots of opportunities to look at how events and people impact our lives and leave an impression on us. It's an important time to look at how we connect with others, and what makes us come together and unite. 

We are no doubt lacking a sense of community in our lives these days. There is a false sense of connecting to others that is the result of social media, but take some time over the next two weeks and really connect to people, face to face. Think about your relationship to community, and spend some time cultivating that in your life. This is a moment of stepping out into the world, after doing all of that deep personal work these past two years, and making an impact in a bigger way. What is your message? 

New Moons are also a great time for setting goals and intentions and making wishes. I recently wrote a guide for wishing which you can find below this post (here) if you would like more information of why this is or how to do it. You are allowed ten wishes maximum, they must be handwritten, and try to wish within the first 24 hours of the exact time of the New Moon for the strongest potency. You can wish about anything you like, but you can also use the energy of Aquarius to wish about community, connecting to others, big projects, friendships, innovative ideas, and expansive knowledge. 

Rainforest (1968) featuring Andy Warhol mylar pillows, Cunningham, Meg Harper dancers

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