full moon // february


Wolf Moon
Tuesday, February 3rd, Leo, 3:08 pm PST

There still feels to me to be a sense of ease in the air, or maybe this is just compared to the energy of the last two years. We aren't off the hook, lessons and growth opportunities are still showing up for us in every moment, challenges and healing alike. But, this seems to be a time to find more joy and have more fun while doing it all. There is more space for breathing, more time to pause, the freedom to expand beyond our limits. With the Moon now in the playful sign of Leo this is a great opportunity to let yourself go and have more fun. And when I say more fun I don't mean letting go of things that are important, goals and responsibilities. I just mean, a time to ask ourselves - how can I ride that line of being courageous and joyful?

There is a feeling of enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration in the air. I would encourage you to tap into this and see how you can ride the natural current of this energy. Don't fight any impulses to be more warm and loving, start a new project, express yourself, stand up for something you believe in, to be more romantic, playful and spontaneous! This is a time of saying YES! Tapping into the Lion's courage and going for it! What ever it is. We are in fire energy! Fluid and powerful, fire energy burns away illusions to reveal the truth. It moves, transforms, resurrects! Now is a time to identify what your heart truly wants, and to go after it, unafraid! Nothing can hold back a Lioness! 

Georges Braque, vol d’oiseaux noirs sur fond rose