new moon // feburary


Wolf Moon
Wednesday, February 18th, Aquarius, 3:47 pm PST

This is our second New Moon in the sign of Aquarius, the first was last month in January. This months New Moon is just making the very tail end of Aquarian energy, when minutes later it moves to the sign of Pisces. So, we are really feeling the transition of those two energies. A perfect time to pause and notice the transiting of an ending to a beginning.

While the Aquarian urges us to feel expansive and free, the energy of Pisces feeds our need for nurturing and emotion. This is a time to take pause, to acknowledge all you have been doing. Not to focus on everything that needs to get done, but to take time to acknowledge all that has been done, all that you have accomplished. I have been learning that that is a key part of exchanging with the universe, with energy, and with our own self worth and value. This is the step that often gets skipped, this step of acknowledgment and celebration. Most of us have long lists of things that need to get done, we no more finish one thing and are on to another without even a pause or moment in between. We are in a current culture of NEXT! What's next, what's on the horizon, what's the next new thing/adventure/relationship/job? Yes, endings are hard sometimes, even when we are happy something is over we rarely give it time to settle in, or create enough space to even realize something has ended, and to think about what could fill it's place. It is hard for us to recognize the hard work, wisdom, discipline, courage or even love that goes into what we do and what we complete. 

Especially with the Spring Solstice on the horizon this is a great time to just take pause. Aquarius can help us to create that space, while Pisces encourages us to feel. Pat yourself on the back for all that you have been getting done, learning, and letting go of in your life. Growth is a cycle, and without properly completing it and acknowledging your hard work it is hard to make way for something new, perhaps even the thing you have been wishing for. Make a list of what you have done, big and small, share it with a friend, treat yourself. I am learning that you can celebrate with any activity. It's all in the energy of how you are doing it. The more you acknowledge yourself the less you will seek it from others. 

As you are creating space and cleaning house this next two week period, it is a great time to bring things into your life and make wishes. You are allowed ten wishes maximum and they must be hand written. Wishing within the first 24 hours of the New Moon is the most powerful. You can read more about how to wish here

Spend some time tidying up your home, going through drawers, closets, getting rid of things. Maybe buy yourself some flowers or a new plant. There is nesting energy in the air!

Happy Wishing!

Brutalist Fountain


  1. Thank you! I love, look forward to, and appreciate your moon posts so very much!

    1. thank you so much! :) part of you reading them is part of why i write them! :)
      happy new moon

  2. I feel as if I stumbled (via this electronic medium) upon something amazing here and I seriously doubt it was by link-happenstance. This current post, this "current culture of NEXT" is celestially/cathartically/cerebrally fitting. I need to start taking this thesphinxandthemilkyway course seriously, buckle down and absorb every single word as organic scripture. This beauteous blog IS my next phase-thx!

    1. wow, Julian thank you for your beautiful and thoughtful comment. i am happy the stars/internet lead you here! :) most things in our life are not by chance ;) thank you for reading, and i hope you check back in as you deepen your own awareness of the energies of the moon. i fully support that.
      take care, L

  3. thank you, thank you, thank you, ad nauseam: for creating, writing and taking the time to share this knowledge with all of US.
    I do plan to study and channel my own deeper understanding with everything around me and above me-finally! While at the same time, pretending I am under your (electronic) tutelage...with every key stroke, I send to you a series of 0s and 1s in the form of +++sine waves. [Translation: I'll be here on the reg.]