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- Barbara Hepworth is one of my favorite sculptors, I had no idea of her drawing skills, but I stumbled upon this interesting series she did of doctors in the operating room. The drawings are really interesting as they have a lightness and gesture to them. Be sure to read her writing on the similarities of purpose, movement, and intention between being an artist and a surgeon. 

- Gilda Radner is one of my favorite heroes - I simply adore her. A few weeks ago I went on a hunt for old clips of her performances and I was talking to a friend about her and she mentioned this story Bill Murray told about the last time he saw her before she died. I had to share because I think it is so wonderful. 
I also found this clip where she is talking to Candice Bergen about dating, which I had never seen before - I laughed out loud - some things are still the same #moderndating

- since I have been doing a lot of drawing lately that means I am doing a lot of listening to podcasts. Here are some good ones:
can math help you fall in love?
finding love... and aliens
just a little nicer - compassion
a great new show - Invisibilia - on fearlessness

- really into listening to the recordings on the gold record from Voyager 1

- researching Grenen Beach - where two seas meet together - see here

- feeling like I need more minimalism in all areas of my life - I really into this - and might put it into practice ASAP

- can you read people's emotions? It's all in the eyes. Super interesting! Take the test here

- I'm a super fan of Ray Kappe - take a look into his beautiful home

- watched Eric Rohmer's A Summer's Tale - super cute

- still swooning over Chanel's SS15 couture stage set

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