full moon // march


Crow Moon
Thursday, March 5th, Virgo, 10:05 am PST

Full Moons are always a time of high contrast, as we simultaneously reach with one hand towards the Moon sitting in one sign and the other towards the Sun in it's opposite sign. Holding two truths at once is good practice. Noticing how we simultaneously hold both is valuable awareness to have, reminding us that when we activate one energy, it's opposite is always in play as well. Not just in the cosmos, but also in us. 

This stretching, or activation of opposites, can bring a lot to the surface, it's one of the reasons Full Moons are times of emotional highs and lows. If you are very sensitive you can feel it coming on days in advance, or if you know someone who is really sensitive pay attention to them, you can feel into this rise of emotion and gage how intense the Full Moon will be. It's a good time to have lots of compassion for yourself and others. I always write this, and need to remind myself of it especially during these Moons.  

Notice how the two energies are at play in your life right now. The Sun in Pisces puts us in touch with our emotions and intuition. It feeds the dreamer, the artist, the seer in us, and is most at home in the less tangible world: the space of the imagination, the undefined realm of spirit, the unseen but felt, the abstract. Those places excite the Pisces! Virgo brings us down to earth, keeping our feet on the ground, with a desire to get things organized and make things happen. Virgo is all about the defined, the details, the precise communication, the clarity of understanding, and comfort that comes from having it all under control (along with this comes lots of worrying)

This is a great time to dream something up and have the ability to move forward and see it through. Tapping into the energy that allows you to feel more easily what is right for you, what is calling your name, while at the same time feeling anchored giving it the possibility of making it a reality. Don't be afraid to ask for help during this time. Even if that help is from spirit. I have been doing this a lot lately, learning so much about energy, the flow of giving and receiving. Try it out. There is so much energy at play that is waiting to support you. You aren't alone.

Don't forget to put your rocks or minerals out tonight in the light of the Full Moon to clear their energy. I like to leave mine out into the next day so they also get strong Sun light, to balance their feminine and masculine.   

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  1. I look forward to these posts every month--thank you! xx

    1. thank you so much Amanda! :)
      happy full moon