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- so, if you know me, and if you have been reading long enough you know that I love dance (i also love creating sets and costumes for dance). I think I have some secret life of a dancer in me. The other night I got sucked into the black hole of YouTube videos about dance...
...here's what I watched :
my newest crush - French choreographer Boris Charmatz - see, Magma - I originally fell for him when he created a dance sequence from a book on the work of Merce Cunningham where he took the 350 photos of 200 projects, and then choreographed a dance based on the chronological order of how they were laid out in the book. Such a brilliant interpretation.
Merce Cunningham - Beach Birds For Camera (1993) - another version
one of my all time favorites - Noe Eshkol - recordings of her dancers during the Sharon Lockhart exhibition
Hand Movie by Yvonne Rainer
this great talk by Trisha Brown with dancers
Das Triadische Ballet - which I had seen a while back but is worth a rewatch
this beautiful piece with ballerina Karina Sarkissova to a Philip Glass number
Lindy Hoppers!

- this wonderful NYT article - Medicating Women's Feelings - as someone who is an advocate for feelings this was some welcomed food for thought

- flipping out over this Valentino dress! So inspiring 

- falling for this wonderful FvF portrait on a traditional textile company in Bagru

- a great piece about artist Lisa Anne Auerbach in the NYT

- the amazing and hilarious Fran Lebowitz talks about style 

- Marina Abromovic Made Me Cry - a great blog dedicated to photos of visitors and participants in Marina Abromovic's piece at MOMA - The Artist Is Present. 

- this I could go on forever about - I have listened to this four times in the last week. An incredible, moving and inspiring interview with Bruce Kramer : Forgiving the Body, on my favorite show to listen to, On Being. Please listen, with your heart. 

- Ava has her 15 min of fame in the beautiful film by Gillian Garcia for Sophie Buhai's new line of jewelry

Rei Kawakubo costumes for Merce Cunningham
Robert Rauschenberg costumes and set for Cunningham's "Summerspace" 
Robert Rauschenberg costumes Cunningham's "Antic Meet"

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