full moon // lunar eclipse // april




Egg Moon
Saturday April 4th, Libra, 5:05 am PST

I decided not to post yesterday, I wanted to give myself and you some space and room to just sit with the energy that was stirred up from the Full Moon and the Eclipse. Sometimes I find, during Full Moon's especially, when things are being brought to the surface and we are being triggered, when we are feeling intense emotions or overwhelmed, we tend to want to look outwards for answers, often times with this frantic urgency... reading what someone else has to say, seeking answers from people we have decided know more than us such as teachers or healers (and I have at times been one of these frantic seekers). But, I felt yesterday that the best thing was just to practice being with the energy, being quiet and still, and notice what was happening within me. And to learn from my experience by listening. To allow myself to be my own teacher. Sometimes I think we can bypass our own wisdom by quickly jumping to the feeling of wanting quick fixes, clear answers or guidance from outside of our self. Sure, I think we can at times find helpful things that trigger in us greater understanding, that point us in the right direction, things that help us connect our own dots, or that even inspire a desire for a greater understanding and awareness. 

But how do we cultivate more faith in ourselves, in our own ability to understand what is happening in our lives? And maybe more importantly how do we cultivate the wisdom that is inherent in us to trust in those moments of not knowing? How can we stand in the moments of feeling intense emotions and dealing with overwhelming experiences, and let it be ok to not understanding it all, not having the answers? 

I am learning that there is profound wisdom in that place, in the unknown. And that it is a constant challenge and practice for me to stay grounded and trust in those moments of embracing what I do not know. And what freedom comes when I can do that. The possibilities are endless. The sense of connection is infinite. And this comes when I can let go of the confines and boundaries of the known, which is actually so limiting. How shall we grow into the demands of what is beyond us? 

I think there is some link to what I am talking about and this particular moment, this Moon and this Eclipse. With all that is changing around us, all that is shifting inside of us and being redefined, there is a great expanse of unknown infront of us. How shall we embrace it?

Helen Pashgian 

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