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- I have been knee deep into reading this newly discovered blog

- it's no secret that I love On Being... some recent interviews I have been listening and relistening to:
Maria Popova, creator of Brain Pickings. Young and brilliant. The thing it got me thinking a lot about is what goes on here, on this blog. This blog started off with a model that was established by others. But, over the years I have thought a lot about what I want it to be and become. And have tried hard to create something that is about ideas and learning, a place of honest sharing and questioning, of inspiration and meaning and documenting. The internet is a young medium, and for all the gripes and criticisms we have of it - it has equal potential to be something amazing. And we, as the early shapers of it, have the opportunity to define what it is, and do something meaningful with it.   
Brene Brown talking about vulnerability - too much to talk about here and now - but this resonates deeply with me. So important. All I can say is, listen and relisten.

- my new favorite art publication, CARLA

- Green Porno - I posted on these when they first came out - but recently came across them again and they are worth a revisit. 

- I have had some good conversations about the epidemic of "busyness" and what that really means. As a culture do we wear that word as a badge of validation? What does it say about us to say that we are busy? What does it make us feel about ourselves to say we are busy - or to keep ourselves busy? Is it bad time management? A distraction from feelings? Is it that we don't understand the importance of doing nothing? Read here and here

- lots of discussion among friends and artists about the entire 2016 class of MFA candidates dropping out of USC. It's incredibly inspiring, despite the heartbreaking circumstances. Read their letter here

- two friends, women I admire and love, are featured on Apiece Apart. Cheri and Jesse. Beautiful photos by two other friends, Laure Joliet and Ye Rin Mok.

- some good food for thought - the Man Repeller talking about the relationship between clothing that is flattering and clothing that is stylish - she sums it up well by talking about her recent love affair with a new pair of denim:
 "I like — nay, love — these pants. They’re me. I know they don’t look good but I think they’re cool. They make me feel like a more interesting version of myself and that, to me, is what style is about: presenting a difficulty and attempting to unpack it or make sense of it. I can’t tell you exactly why I like them but I can sharply recall having never really cared for pants that do the things we’re supposed to expect of them: flatten our stomachs, tighten our asses, makes our legs look longer and leaner, yadi ya. Maybe that’s a function of my believing that fashion is not about what’s flattering and vice versa or maybe this is simply a matter of style. And the thing about style, like with everything else, is that if you believe in it, you have to be willing to fight for it."
I think about this same idea when I think about culture (it's standards of beauty) and when I think about art - and the long relationship we have had with beauty and goodness. It surprises me still how many people equate beauty with goodness.  

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new moon // may


Planting Moon
Sunday, May 17th, Taurus, 9:13 pm PST

We are fully in Spring! With both the Sun and Moon in Taurus the skies are aligned for us to enjoy the pleasures of life. It's a time to drop into your body more, to ground yourself using all of your senses to experience and explore more of life. Spring brings with it new energy, as things blossom right before us. But, it is not a time of starting new things (especially not with Mercury in retrograde until June 11th), but instead a time to enjoy the new things that are happening around us (and inside of us); a time to enjoy the things we have cultivated over the past months (maybe even years). The universe is designed on the principals of balance, and this is a time of slowing down. This is a time to observe. If you are someone that finds it difficult to slow down or rest the universe will help you out with that. If you are resisting this natural energy don't be surprised if Mercury has a hand in helping you to stop what you are doing (ie - computer crashing, car troubles, delays in progress on projects). It is a good reminder for us all that despite what we think, we can not control everything. It's a time of surrendering. It will be a time that will challenge you to embrace whatever is happening around you, even it's not what you were planning. If it seems like a derailment, challenge yourself to see it as a gift, an opportunity. 

There is also a lot of confused energy in the air right now, especially with new and unfamiliar energies all around. It is important to take some space to get clear. Maybe you are feeling a natural pull to spend more time alone, focus on your meditation practice, dive deeper into a creative project, spend more time in nature... Whatever it is it will be a tool for you right now to help you clear away some of the distraction that comes with confusion. Anything you can do right now to connect deeper to your true self do it. Really slow down and do what you are called to do, but do it with intention and awareness. I feel there are some deep lessons and wisdom waiting for you in the silence.

To reflect on the past few weeks - I just wanted to mention something that has been coming up for me in my awareness. It seems that the past year (or two) has been a time of deep personal work. We were facing so much of ourselves: old wounds and patterns, loss and letting go. A true examining of who we are and a really big dose of the lessons we have to overcome in this life in order to grow. And growth comes out of difficulty. But there seems to be a shift this year, especially in the past few weeks, where it's not so much us facing ourselves, but us being confronted with who we are in relation to the other, the outer world. I have noticed a lot of difficult lessons being presented to those around me (and myself) that have to do with relationships, work, and family. I'm not sure what more to say about it - other than to say I am aware of it, and in my awareness I honor that process in myself and in you. I can't give you answers about it, tell you how exactly you need to navigate it, or what the outcome will be. But, I always feel for myself that having a greater understanding that something bigger is happening really helps me move through whatever I am going through. It's a challenging time, we are being asked to surrender and to hold multiple truths. It's not easy.

I almost forgot that with this New Moon we have the opportunity to do some wishing! I think I forgot because so much of the energy right now feels like it is about just being. Maybe take this into consideration while you are writing your wishes. You are allowed ten wishes maximum, they must be hand written on paper and made within the first 24 hours of the exact time of the New Moon. You can read more information here.

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SQIRL has an amazing new website

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full moon // may


Planting Moon
Sunday, May 3rd, Scorpio, 8:42 pm PST

A friend this morning asked me if I read anything to help me write these posts. Occasionally I do, to learn about and hone in on any astrological alignment that seems important. But for the most part, no. I just sit down with my computer and reflect and feel into what I have been going through recently. I also pay attention to conversations I have had with people and close friends to see if I can pick up on a through line that connects us all. Something always stands out, as a conformation for what I have been feeling myself. Writing these posts for the past 3 years has been such a practice in trusting myself. And what I have found is that when I really listen to what's going on with me and just write about that, more often than not it's a reflection of what is happening around me, what you are facing too. 

I mention this for a few reasons. The most important one as a reminder that you are not alone. Given what is going on in my own life and the personal conversations I have had with those closest to me this past week this is no doubt a very difficult time. I would bet money that everyone of you is facing some major challenge in your life right now - I want you to know you are not alone. We are in a time where our souls are choosing to heal it's most profound wounds, and it is attracting experiences right now in order to do that. Wow, major healing! Sounds great, right? So why does it feel so difficult? Because healing and growth are challenging and sometimes painful. It's not an easy thing to do, and it takes a brave soul to accept that challenge. As you go through this time have the awareness in your heart that whatever you are facing in your life is in the name of deep healing on a soul level. I always say that healing and growth are not easy, if they were, everyone would be doing it. 

This is a profound time of healing which means facing some painful stuff about ourselves and our deepest wounds which bring up lots of sadness and pain, and it's pushing us to a place of having to really surrender and let go. Not our natural response when we are afraid or in pain. But that is what we must learn to do in this moment. Let go. It isn't a time of creating something new. It is a time of surrendering what is no longer needed. What must you surrender in yourself in order to heal?

And on top of this challenging time in our own personal histories we have this very intense Full Moon in Scorpio. Scorpio energy is nothing if not intense. The light of this moon is shining deep into our souls, revealing and bringing to the surface the darkest truths. Scorpio energy is all about seeking the truth, it has no judgment about if it is beautiful or ugly or uncomfortable, truth is truth and it wants to reveal it to transform it. The positive part in this process is that whatever is coming up for you is exactly what you must heal. It's not a mystery, it's right there in front of you. So, just know if you are in a place where you feel like things are on the verge of falling apart, crumbling all around you, if you are feeling like you can't take it any more, want to give up then - you are in the right place. 

The good thing is that if we can learn to surrender to whatever experience we are facing we can find grace to guide us through. There isn't a lot choice right now on our part - our souls have decided and are setting the course, we just have to trust and be guided by them. The other thing is that if we can learn to love and accept our wounds then we are learning to be more human. How can we help the wounded without first learning to accept the wounds within ourselves? It makes us more compassionate towards ourselves and others. Cultivate a deep compassionate heart right now, for yourself and those around you. 

You are not alone. 

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