full moon // july


Thunder Moon
Wednesday, July 1st, Capricorn, 7:19 pm PST

I am a day early with this moon post, probably because it is a powerful one, one I have been feeling for days now. I have noticed it's effect on those around me, and heard many people say they already feel some old emotional stuff being brought to the surface. It feels so present that I thought it was at it's peak today, but in fact we have another cycle of night and day until it hits us with it's full magnitude. 

Around the time of a Full Moon we are more sensitive and emotional, and sometimes without awareness as to why. I always try to remember that Full Moons are about opposing energies, as the Moon and Sun are in two opposing signs. This creates a pull on us, both creating cracks and space for old things to surface, it also helps us to see things from another perspective. New Moons are much more gentle, but it's this push and pull between them that allows for growth. You need both a time of coming together and a time of pulling (falling) apart for growth. Stagnant energy does not promote growth, there needs to be motion to evolve. And part of what is being asked of us is to not resist this ebb and flow, and to learn how to keep moving with it.

Part of the reason I love paying attention to the cycles of the Moon is to remind myself that there are forces working on me. That question of, "Why is this coming up (again)?" is always explained when I stop and have awareness of what is happening in the sky. The Moons, Planets and Stars are your allies, allow them to help you evolve. Try not to resist, even if it is uncomfortable. Growth isn't comfortable. If it was, everyone would be doing it. Part of the energy of the season right now, as we are mid year, is about pausing to notice, to look harder, to listen deeper, to use those feelings coming up for healing and growth. But, we can't do that if we are go go going, or held under the current of our emotional body. Part of our responsibility to ourselves is to allow space for feelings to arise and then to figure out how to use them in our lives. How can we think of creative ways to move these emotions? This is a time where we get to choose: crisis or opportunity?

This also seems to be a time about family. I have had a family of hawks living around me this past week and a half. I have listened to their cries day and night, looked at them out my windows in the trees, studied them with my binoculars, watched the young birds learn to fly and hunt. Having them near has brought some profound energy to my home. There is a lot of wisdom and awareness that can come from observing. I think about the things coming up for me in my life around family: the dynamic I have with my dad and brother, new grief around the death of my mother, the desire for a family of my own one day, the experience I have around friends who already have their own families... and I wonder how I can look at all of this just like I have been studying and watching those hawks, inviting it all in. I believe that we choose our own families, and it is from them that we learn some of our biggest lessons. Many of the issues coming up around family are so you can clear some of that energy, and make room to restructure, reconnect, and develop a new, more authentic, definition and relationship of what family is to you. 

It seems like the rest of this month will be a continuation of "growing pains", so take some time to nurture yourself when you can. Swimming seems important. Eating good food, being physically active, and taking care of your body is key. It's also a great time to use this Capricorn energy to focus on a new project. It will help you step up to meet your responsibilities, move forward with something, and feel empowered by your inner strength and sense of direction and purpose. We are at a pivoting point, get clear on how you want to spend the rest of your year. 

Edith Dekyndt 'Slow Object 04' (1997) Video projection


miriam böhm

thinking about the work of Miriam Böhm


aa interview

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A huge thanks to Laura and Star of AA, Leigh, Ashley and Ye Rin.


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Rachel Comey x Robbins Childs Dance Company


new moon // june


Rose Moon, Flower Moon, Strawberry Moon
Tuesday, June 16th, Gemini, 7:05 am PST

Summer!!! It's here, and it's bringing with it lots of fire energy! Summer is a time where we are more active, having fun, spending time outside, moving our bodies, laughing... There is nothing better than the beginning of Summer! Beginnings! Really take advantage of all the energy in the air right now, use that energy of fire to move your body. Fire energy is powerful but it is also fluid and flexible. Find the flow in your life. With the New Moon in the sign of Gemini it's a great time to create more balance in your life. Part of this balance might be how to have more flow and fun! I feel fun is key right now. How can you balance all the stress, busyness and work with some fun? That might mean taking a break in the middle of the day to be in the sun, call a friend and have a good laugh about something, dance to a fun song... Just keep finding things that allow you to have fun. Our energy expands itself when we are having fun, healing can come from having fun, connections can be made while having fun. No doubt that we are just more open while having fun and being joyful! You can sprinkle a little fun into any activity - it's all about how you are seeing yourself in the moment. I think it's really important to have a sense of humor about yourself, and about life. Where can you lighten up about something that feels a bit heavy? How can you laugh about it, or laugh it off? I have this wonderful Yoko Ono book and in it are all these brilliant ideas and assignments. One of them is: Dance Piece III - Take your pants off before you fight. This is exactly what I am talking about. 

It's important to create balance right now wherever you feel off. This may mean some more rest, or more movement, getting up earlier, drinking more water, letting out a loud yelp, being more social, or taking a nap. In every moment just ask yourself what you need to feel balanced. Your body holds SO much wisdom, it is telling you what it needs, you just have to listen. 

Summer is a time of abundance! How can you allow for more abundance in your life? We don't need to live in a feeling of "not enough". Not enough time, not enough ideas, not enough love, not enough connection. Each moment is full of potential for ANY THING - and every thing. We just have to allow ourselves to be open to it. 

Summer Solstice is on Sunday - the day of the year where the Sun will reach it's highest point in the sky, and the day will be our longest. Spend some time asking yourself what this moment means to you, what is this time about for you? It's a great day for reflection and being outside. Enjoy the light of the day. Midsummer has an interesting history. In many traditions it is a day of planning, celebration, a time of fertility and marriage, and honoring the Sun. 

You also get to make your New Moon wishes today! Read more about how to do that here.

HAPPY New Moon and Summer Solstice to you!

Franz Erhard Walther


full moon // june


Rose Moon, Flower Moon, Strawberry Moon
Tuesday, June 2nd, Sagittarius, 9:18 am PST

All my minerals, rocks, and fossils are laid out on the table ready for cleansing. This is the first Full Moon that I have completely felt ready for. Usually, it feels like they sneak up on me, or they just feel so intense that I am in denial, distracting myself from their presence. I am sure, as sensitive beings, you all have felt this Moon coming for days. Full Moons make us more emotional, they really pull on our emotional bodies. I think this is a result of the Moon being in one sign, this month it is Sagittarius, and the Sun being in the opposing sign, Gemini. With any thing you also get the energy of it's opposite. In the sky right now we have two strong forces, the Sun and Moon, holding opposing energies. This is bound to pull on us, creating separations, splits, and cracks in our emotional bodies for deeper emotions and feelings to emerge. Not to mention that as we are all dealing with our own emotions we are also more sensitive to the emotions around us. So, some of the things we are feeling might not even be ours. I say all of this as a reminder - Full Moons can be tough to navigate. Have compassion for yourself, and for those around you. During these next few days it would be good to adopt some small practices to help you clear yourself, ground and be present. You can do this by stopping what you are doing and taking a few deep, mindful breaths, walk outside and stand in the sun for a few moments, meditate, or I also really like dancing as a way to move energy. Anything you can do to shake off some of that tension. There is also an extra level of agitation in the air that is fundamental to both Sagittarius and Gemini, so you might be picking up on that as well if you have been feeling extra agitated lately. Try to practice compassion and patience. 

I also really feel that a lot of shifts and breakthroughs can happen right now for you with the use of your creativity. Challenge yourself to use your creativity to navigate some of the things you are facing in your life right now. Creativity is a shortcut to healing. There aren't many, but creativity is one of them. How can you out create the challenge you are facing? Write a short story, combine non- fiction with your imagination. Rearrange your home. Make a drawing with your eyes closed. Create an arrangement from flowers and plants picked on a walk. The more lighthearted energy you can have while doing these things the better. Just step out of your comfort zone a bit. If you already are an artist, find a way to counteract the way you usually approach creating. Keep it light, simple, have some fun! This pattern will help you when you come up against energy in your life that has you feeling confused, weighed down, heavy, depressed, worried, sad, etc... Use all of it as fuel for creation. This practice will help you to break old patterns, old habits that have their control over you. Allow it to open you up, to allow new energy to come into your experience. Creativity can shift your energy in an instant. 

There is this dance exercise I do where I take an old pattern or feeling, and I start expressing it in movement, and then I make a move that is the opposite of what I have been doing, and then I make a move with my body that is the opposite of that one, so on and so on... This is a way to use the body, to give it a physical experience, of interrupting an old way of being, to break a habit. Try it out, and let me know. 

Let the energy of Sagittarius take you somewhere unexpected. I love the image of the centaur shooting it's arrow at the horizon. It is looking for an adventure beyond what it can see, beyond what it knows. What do you have to let go of in order to get lost? There is freedom in the unknown. It's time to let go and discover something new that is waiting for us beyond the limits of what we know. How can you reach beyond what is comfortable? As a compass you can use the feeling of excitement and being uncomfortable. Every time you start to feel that combination you know you are on the right track. This is a time where so much is clearing in our souls, it's just falling away. And it can do it with ease if we are willing to let it be easy. Have fun, play, go on an adventure! 



fvf x sqirl

I had the honor of interviewing Jessica Koslow, chef and owner of SQIRL, for Freunde von Freunden. You can read all about her early years on the ice, her love of lemons, and how art and design influence her cooking. Also head over to the interview to check out all of Claire Cottrell's amazing photographs. Thanks to Jessica for cooking and spending the afternoon with us. And a big thanks to Frede and Timmi at FvF, and Claire! 

photos by Claire Cottrell