full moon // july


Thunder Moon
Wednesday, July 1st, Capricorn, 7:19 pm PST

I am a day early with this moon post, probably because it is a powerful one, one I have been feeling for days now. I have noticed it's effect on those around me, and heard many people say they already feel some old emotional stuff being brought to the surface. It feels so present that I thought it was at it's peak today, but in fact we have another cycle of night and day until it hits us with it's full magnitude. 

Around the time of a Full Moon we are more sensitive and emotional, and sometimes without awareness as to why. I always try to remember that Full Moons are about opposing energies, as the Moon and Sun are in two opposing signs. This creates a pull on us, both creating cracks and space for old things to surface, it also helps us to see things from another perspective. New Moons are much more gentle, but it's this push and pull between them that allows for growth. You need both a time of coming together and a time of pulling (falling) apart for growth. Stagnant energy does not promote growth, there needs to be motion to evolve. And part of what is being asked of us is to not resist this ebb and flow, and to learn how to keep moving with it.

Part of the reason I love paying attention to the cycles of the Moon is to remind myself that there are forces working on me. That question of, "Why is this coming up (again)?" is always explained when I stop and have awareness of what is happening in the sky. The Moons, Planets and Stars are your allies, allow them to help you evolve. Try not to resist, even if it is uncomfortable. Growth isn't comfortable. If it was, everyone would be doing it. Part of the energy of the season right now, as we are mid year, is about pausing to notice, to look harder, to listen deeper, to use those feelings coming up for healing and growth. But, we can't do that if we are go go going, or held under the current of our emotional body. Part of our responsibility to ourselves is to allow space for feelings to arise and then to figure out how to use them in our lives. How can we think of creative ways to move these emotions? This is a time where we get to choose: crisis or opportunity?

This also seems to be a time about family. I have had a family of hawks living around me this past week and a half. I have listened to their cries day and night, looked at them out my windows in the trees, studied them with my binoculars, watched the young birds learn to fly and hunt. Having them near has brought some profound energy to my home. There is a lot of wisdom and awareness that can come from observing. I think about the things coming up for me in my life around family: the dynamic I have with my dad and brother, new grief around the death of my mother, the desire for a family of my own one day, the experience I have around friends who already have their own families... and I wonder how I can look at all of this just like I have been studying and watching those hawks, inviting it all in. I believe that we choose our own families, and it is from them that we learn some of our biggest lessons. Many of the issues coming up around family are so you can clear some of that energy, and make room to restructure, reconnect, and develop a new, more authentic, definition and relationship of what family is to you. 

It seems like the rest of this month will be a continuation of "growing pains", so take some time to nurture yourself when you can. Swimming seems important. Eating good food, being physically active, and taking care of your body is key. It's also a great time to use this Capricorn energy to focus on a new project. It will help you step up to meet your responsibilities, move forward with something, and feel empowered by your inner strength and sense of direction and purpose. We are at a pivoting point, get clear on how you want to spend the rest of your year. 

Edith Dekyndt 'Slow Object 04' (1997) Video projection


  1. Once again, these celestial mathematics (words) never seem to falter or lead me astray, but rather make me pause and reflect. The timing could not have been more fitting-totally needed. This just made my weekend-gracias Ms. King!
    Julian Capricorn

    1. you are so very welcome! and thank you for the complement - :) - and continuing to read!
      onwards and upwards!