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- a fascinating story of two sets of identical twins separated at birth, and how so much of who we are is genetic. 

- sweating to Sappho - conceptual fitness

- the account of two women who on a visit to Versailles in 1901 entered into memories that were left on the grounds by Marie Antoinette. #timetravel

- The Whore of Mensa, by Woody Allen

- a really great piece about Sarah Charlesworth #shesamazing

- loving this video about how to be telepathic and communicate with the mind.

- four great shows I just saw in LA - 
Perfect Likeness at The Hammer
Russian Doll at M + B
Lovely Dark at Regen 

- a cement factory in Spain - turned into a contemporary castle 

- the FvF Friends Dinner! Berlin in LA! Last month I helped out with this dinner - pulling together friends and making the menu card for Sqirl! Super fun! 

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