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Blue Moon
Friday, July 31, Aquarius, 3:42 am PST

Today is a special Moon, a Blue Moon, and we won't have one again until 2018. A Blue Moon is rare, hence the common phrase "once in a blue moon." A Blue Moon is when two Full Moons fall within one months time, it's partly why this month has been full of so much emotion. Today the Moon is in the Water sign of Aquarius, and the Sun is in the Fiery sign of Leo!

I want to focus on something else happening in the skies (and in us), a Grand Trine in the element of Water. This triangulation involves the planets Mars in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Chiron in Pisces, all water signs. We are in a time of emotion, compassion, intuition, sensitivity, empathy, imagination, and creativity. 

Full Moons always bring with it a wave of all kinds of intense emotions, but with the alignment of the Trine we are able to dive deeper into them, to use them, and explore them. We need not be at the effect of them, but we are being guided and supported to drop into them as a way to gain greater understanding of ourselves. Just like our past, emotions are not something we can run away from (or, if we do, we can only do so for so long). What would your life be like if you could transform your emotions, just by feeling them, and therefore carry them forward with you into your future? Empowerment does not come from running away, or getting stuck in the past. It comes from owning the emotions: the experience, the grief, the trauma, the sadness, the loss... I know it seems counter intuitive. We think that by feeling these things it will make us weak, but it is the resistance of the truth that makes us weak. It takes a whole ton of energy to resist. And in doing so we disconnect from our self. If you let yourself feel and explore you have the power to move through it, to be guided by it, to transform it, and grow from it. The dark is all about transformation. There is no transformation in the light, it's already light, there is nothing to transform. 

I know what I am talking about is an aspect of the same thing I write about here every month - Accessing your power through feeling your feelings. But, I believe this to be true with every cell in my body. If there is anything in this world I am passionate about and dedicated to it's helping people get in touch with what they feel, and not be afraid of what they might discover. 

During this Moon we have an opening, a porthole, to go deeper, and to trust that in going deeper you will be supported. Think about all the qualities of Water. Water is both powerful and fluid. There is new found clarity in its stillness. It is amorphic and abstract. It is about being in the unknown. That's what it sometimes feels like to be "in it", in the middle of our emotions. Sometimes there is no answer or definition. There is power in the unknown. 

See what happens these next two weeks for you by practicing being in the unknown. What does that mean to you? What resistance do you have to that state? What does it feel like to surrender? To be in the moment? What is possible in that place of the unknown? (pssst... I'll give you a hint... anything, anything is possible.)
That is my challenge to you. 

Happy Blue Moon

Jean Renaud dancing on a Paris rooftop, 1950

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  1. Challenge accepted! Here's a moon song for you from a coed group from Halifax: https://app.box.com/s/o75luwj6slwc4gialt8ghmpln2djk61r