full moon // august


Grain Moon
Saturday, August 29th, Pisces, 11:35 am PST

In the wise words of Mr. George Michael, "Because I gotta have faith, faith, faith..." This Moon and Venus in retrograde has been stirring up some messy stuff in us and around us. Venus has been in retrograde since the end of July and thank goodness we will come out of it on September 6th. This planet has been drudging up some of our deepest and most tender of relationship fears and wounds. This has been a time of really looking at who we are and what we value, particularly when it comes to relationships. Retrogrades are usually hard times, but like all hardships, they allow us to reap such rewards. For me, the key to surviving this process has been staying connected to the things I have faith in and remembering what I trust. 

With this Full Moon in Pisces we have such support to do this. Pisces is the most sensitive, intuitive, compassionate, and spiritual sign of the zodiac. This energy helps us stay connected to a memory in us of wholeness and helps us to get to a deeper understanding within ourselves of what is happening in our lives. So, whatever the troubles are, whatever issue that's coming up, Pisces helps us to trust and grounds us in our faith. This has been my practice; whenever an insecurity surfaces, doubt arises, confusion sets in, old pain is triggered... I pause and connect to the things I know in my soul to be true. It's that place of inner knowing that is under all of our own wounds and shadows. Those won't go away, but they won't be our come from. We are straddling a place of trusting what we know and having faith in something bigger that is not yet known. 

The thing I love about faith is that it's directly related to the unknown. Faith isn't about what we know or can see, it's not about what we are certain about, or can prove, or even define. It's what we have to reach for when we are in the unknown. To actually have faith means that we have to let go of everything. 

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