new moon // august


Green Corn Moon
Friday, August 14th, Leo, 7:53 am PST

Fiery, magnetic, vibrant, loving, courageous, creative LEO! Leo is always a fun sign to be under the influence of. Leo is my North Node in my natal chart. Your North Node points to the kind of experiences you must work on to create balance, growth, and fulfilment in this life (the South Node is the opposing sign and is the wisdom and experience that you have entered in with. You can find your North Nodes here). So, I think a lot about Leo energy. My mum was a Leo, and now that I know her as a spirit and feel her around me I feel she is helping to give me the gift of allowing this energy into my life more and more. 

Not only with this Moon, but also to no coincidence in my life, it is a time all about the heart. Leo is the ruler of the heart. Think about the Lion in The Wizard of Oz, cowardly and in search of a heart. He is so fearful and afraid without it. The heart is the missing piece to how we access our inner bravery. By now we know that a part of bravery is fear. Without that fear the act of bravery can not exist. They must sit side by side, we must acknowledge both. It's when we are moving through something not just despite our own fears, but including it as a truth that we have the opportunity to be brave. And it's the inclusion of the heart that allows us to summon our inner courageous Lion! It's the fire that propels us towards something. It's when we connect to the fierce love we have for ourselves and for others that allow us to create monumental acts of bravery in our lives.

It takes courage to love and to allow yourself to be loved by someone. 

We are in a time where Leo brings forth the archetype of the Queen. Her love is fierce, it is anchored deep in the heart, and it has honor and integrity. She is committed to herself, and to the desires of her own heart. This love can cut through old wounds and break patterns, it is clear in its direction and purpose. She understand in her feminine energy that the power to receive love is equal to the power of giving love.

Spend these next few days, these next few weeks, using this energy to help you express your heart. It is a time not just of feeling but also expression. Leos want to be seen! Let your inner Lion or Lioness roar, and allow yourself to align with your own inner wisdom and knowingness that comes from the heart.    

Don't forget to make your New Moon Wishes! You can read about how to do that here

ps - I also recommend this... life changer and it's in alignment with this Moon!

Robert Mapplethorpe - Grace Jones 1984, painted by the New York graffiti artist, Keith Haring.


  1. This resonated so deeply. My heart is roaring to be seen and as I honor this and own my commitment to my heart all the doubt, uncertainty and fear is surfaced to be seen. It is the fierceness of love for myself that is the way through. And that line you write about it, hits home so clearly. Thank you for sharing and taking the time to write this. It's been interesting how the New Moons have actually been more intense for me lately then the Full Moons.... I feel because it is a potent time of new beginnings. I know you can relate on the intents letting go that has been happening over the past few years. It feels like that all has been the preparing and while beginnings are always happening, there is something right now that feels extra potent. ( tried to feel into another word here, in order to not use potent again, but that word really wants to be used twice!)

    1. ELIZA!
      thank you for this comment, and for sharing your wisdom and heart here. There is lots of Lioness energy in you! Express it!! Maybe a song on the writers call soon? ;)
      and yes to powerful NEW MOONS! I agree - personally, they hit me in a deeper and more profound way. i think it's the fact that i was born at the exact time of a New Moon and also maybe that it is about darkness and potential... new beginnings as you say - a constant opportunity to be reborn anew.

      we are all being prepared.

      so much love to you!