full moon // lunar eclipse // september


Harvest Moon 
Sunday, September 27, Aires, 7:50 pn PST

During our last Full Moon I talked a lot about faith, how faith is directly proportional to our ability to trust ourselves, and its relationship to the unknown. The opposite of faith isn't doubt. It's certainty. Doubt and the unknown are so much a part of having faith. This is still in the air for us, big time!

Right now there is this window open to us of opportunity that is created by the Lunar Eclipse happening tonight. Lunar Eclipses "bring light" to things that have been hidden or the things that we haven't been willing to look at. It is an uncomfortable time where things are coming up, and as a result we crave harmony and balance. Be willing to be a bit uncomfortable, to take a really good look at what is surfacing for you. This Moon is in the sign of Aries which is all about direction and forward movement, but sometimes we act with haste and on impulse. It is a good time to take a moment to step back and really let some things surface from this hidden place before moving forward. It's a time to really get clear about what YOU want / feel / think... you and no one else. When you separate yourself out and take a little space it is easy to see what is important to you, and listen to your own inner voice. This will allow you to move forward with clarity, intention and heart... and most importantly sense of self. It also allows you to really see what is yours - what is your stuff / your feelings / your issues. It is important to take responsibility and own that, it will empower you. 

Part of moving forward from this place may feel like walking in the dark, knowing the general direction where you are headed, but literally taking one step at a time. Let it be a time of discovery, discovering in each moment what it is that you want, over and over again, while taking each step with purpose and curiosity. Also, don't be afraid to walk in a direction where there is no path, you have lot of support right now to forge ahead into new territory and be courageous. Be willing to trust the unknown, to risk!

There is also a lot of Animal Medicine in the air right now. Keep you eyes open for how animals are showing up for you, and when they are showing up. Let them be guides, be open to what messages they have for you. 

This is a really intense Full Moon - you can feel the pressure, literally. It is very physical as well as emotional. Take some rest, treat your body well. The pressure is on. Relationships are under a microscope right now - your relationship to others but more so to yourself. So, take this time to do some deep work and tend to your inner life. There is a huge opportunity for growth as you move forward from this place. The more willing you are to look within, the more faith you have to take some risks right now, the bigger the window of opportunity you will create for yourself. Move forward grounded in what you feel, grounded in what is important to you, grounded in what you desire most. 

Yoko Ono, Bag Piece

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