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- into this video - clearly influenced by Deborah Turbeville

- one day I want to visit Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. This otherworldly salt flat is the result of transformations of several prehistoric lakes. The thick salt crust is reported to have 50 to 70% of the worlds lithium. Which I imagine would be incredibly relaxing, as Lithium Quartz and Lepidolite are two minerals with high levels of lithium and are very helpful to reduce stress and aid in relaxation. Oh, and it has pink flamingos.

- a nice podcast on the influence of Joan Didion from the New Yorker. Some interesting points in there about the recent interest in her - a Joan Didion trend in the last few years among a certain breed of young women. 

- The New World Order - my new dream vintage shop - bonkers 

- recently added Holy Motors and 3 Women to my top five favorite movies of all time

- Dior's flower mound at the Louvre for Paris fashion week made me gasp! So sad to learn that Raf is leaving Dior.

- the wonderful Miranda July talks to Rihanna

- a great piece about Gloria Steinem in the New Yorker. She always been a heroine of mine.
"Lead with love. Low ego - high impact. Move at the speed of trust."

Nadav Kander


  1. love love love your blog, writings and art and these Nadav Kandar shots are a permanent fixture on my desk top.
    : )

    1. HI Rachel!
      thank you so much!
      i actually spent some time on your charming blog - which is where i found these :) thank you for sharing.