full moon // october


Hunter's Moon / Harvest Moon
Tuesday, October 27th, Taurus, 5:05 am PST

Even a day late... this post is still resisting being written (I can't tell you the amount of phone calls I have gotten while writing this.) I have been sick in bed and decided to give myself a few days off - letting myself off the hook from emails, the phone, and obligations. Knowing that all would be ok without me. But, this post has been looming over my head, I have had so much resistance to writing it, using my cold as an excuse, my head unclear about what is happening in the air right now. Could it in fact be resistance

It is time to look at how resistance is keeping us from moving forward. What little voices, old feelings, unexplainable roadblocks are we encountering? It's really that last one I am interested in; the unexplainable roadblock. We have all been under the effect of this powerful Moon for days before it's peak. Emotions have been high, and there seems to be an unknown and perhaps - at first glance - unexplainable or even light hearted form of resistance that has been a barrier for many things in our lives right now. Saying to ourselves - It's just a cold, a missed phone call, a bump on the head, an unanswered email, my favorite yoga class I don't want to go to, a voice saying "I'll do it later", a feeling of doubt from "out of nowhere"... but is it? That's the question I am asking. I'm not saying that these little things need to mean something on a grand scale or portend some major event. But, rather that it is these little hiccups or bumps in the road that are in fact our own resistance showing up as events that in it of themselves don't mean much, but are masking something bigger and meaningful. It's this "out of nowhere / unexplainable / no big deal" resistance that I am looking at. What is this new form of resistance - what is it masking - how is it working in me - and what does it want? As we learn about our own ways of resistance and bring them to light - is this energy finding new ways of disguising itself?

Keep your eyes open!

With the Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio this is a time of learning to ground in the pleasures of our everyday life, to anchor in the beauty of our reality, while also nurturing our inner desire to travel to the unknown and unseen aspects of ourselves. How can you create this dynamic in your life right now? Maybe it is through taking the time to cook a big, elaborate dinner for yourself after you have had an emotionally hard day. Or rewarding yourself for speaking a difficult truth by spending time enjoying nature. Or allowing some unpleasant things about yourself to surface and instead of wallowing, take them with you to a museum. Find your own way, but create a space of allowance while being anchored. 

Happy Full Moon and Happy Halloween!

enjoy this song, one of my all time favorites, and it's perfect for the season. Every time I hear it I get teary, and speechless, and think of when and where I grew up. 

Theda Bara

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