new moon // october


Harvest Moon
Monday, October 12th, Libra, 5:05 pm PST

Yep, it's been a challenging few weeks. Let's just get that out on the table. No one can escape what they are being asked to face in their life right now. Know that whatever is coming up for you is important to your soul's growth. I also strongly believe that everything that is coming up right now is about the past. It's old stuff / energy / emotions / beliefs / dynamic... We recognize it, but it isn't the truth of what is happening. Our present experiences are triggering it and bringing it up, yes, that is true. But where we go when we are triggered is to an old place. A place that isn't a reflection of where we are now. This is crucial awareness to have. What you are feeling is old. And it's not the kind of old that connects us to our linage in a way where we feel we are on some sort of path that has a bigger purpose, or the kind of old that breeds wisdom. It's just old and untrue. 

Take a moment to think about what kinds of things are coming up for you in your life, what feelings you are having, what thoughts... We are so familiar with this energy that it is so easy to believe it, to buy into it. To say, "Oh ya, here it is again, that thing. I always feel x, y & z when this happens." The things coming up are things that we have seen and felt before. But this time, they aren't a reflection of where we are and the truth of the situation. I don't think you can avoid feeling what you are feeling, but I think in order to move through it what is helpful is taking a moment and really asking yourself if what you are feeling is the truth about the situation. Keep doing this over and over as you are triggered and feeling things surfacing.

We have come through a series of really powerful Moons and shifts in the Sky. Some of that energy is still with us as we spend time this month allowing it to integrate. The most important thing is to allow. Allow whatever is coming up to come up. Make space for it to come through, to spend time with it and see it for what it is, and to nurture yourself through this process. There is a ton of old, deep, energy emerging in us. We owe it to ourselves to feel it, and shift it. Be especially mindful with the Moon and Sun in Libra that you aren't trying to create balance for others by being the peacemaker, by care-taking, or by taking false responsibility for their emotions. This time is really about you. Just keep bringing your awareness back to yourself. 

Also, spend time feeling into where your soul is going. Where it is growing and what is it growing towards?
Let that energy pull you and evolve you towards it. 

With New Moons we have the opportunity to make some wishes. You can read more about how to do that here. With this Moon in Libra it's a great time to make wishes about balance, partnerships that are founded in equality, compassion and service, truthful communication, networking, and business.  

Francisco de Zurbar├ín - detail from Saint Lucy


  1. Just finished reading your post, and I am smiling because your thoughts reflect what I have experienced in the past few weeks. I have no choice but to allow and integrate the energy.☺ Now that's a huge relief!


  2. best post you have made. nail on head.


      smiling ear to ear

  3. Wow. Just wow. You hit it. Big time.

    1. thanks Annie!!! :)
      this one felt right on. glad you think so too! ;)
      love you, L