full moon // november


Hunter's Moon
Wednesday, November 25th, Gemini, 2:44 pm PST

This will be short and sweet as I just arrived in London and my brain needs a bit of a rest. Though I did get a great view of it tonight, all the way on the other side of the world. 
Hold your hand high if you feel like you have been put through the ringer these past few weeks!? Yep, then you aren't alone. That last Scorpio New Moon was a powerful one, and as the weeks have passed it seems to be unearthing a lot of what has been hidden and what we have been trying to hide. It's time to shine a light on it, let it come out into the open, expose it, and take a good look at it... this goes for ourselves and what is being exposed in others. This seems to be something that is happening a lot in our relationships. Though, really, when you get down to it it's really all about us. But, we aren't doing it alone - if you are in a relationship then you are really facing this in and with your partner as well. While things are still surfacing thanks to that Scorpio energy we are seeing the dichotomy of the Gemini, the places where something is true, and it's opposite is also true. We are learning to see and hold both. 

Time to make some choices. 

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venice, ca // breathwork meditation


Tuesday, November 17th
7:00 - 8:30 pm
$30 - limited space / RSVP
email to reserve your spot - laurenspencerking@gmail.com

This is a two part active Pranayama Breathwork meditation that is very healing. 
Though the breath is simple to learn it is quite powerful and profound to 
experience. The breath clears emotional blocks and stuck energy, allowing you 
to open up and connect to something bigger, and tap into the truth that is inside
you. Through quieting the mind you create space to listen with your heart, 
leaving you feeling peaceful, grounded, and expansive.

Come relax and ground before the holidays!


new moon // november


Hunters Moon
Wednesday, November 11th, Scorpio, 9:47 pm PST

Everyone is talking about how there is so much agitation in the air right now. Feeling cranky or irritated, feeling in a bad mood,  feeling lots of resistance, or just feeling off. I don't feel this, maybe you don't either - but maybe you do or you see it in others. This is a Moon where I feel it is affecting different people in different ways. It could be that because I just came through a period of a few days where I was truly in Scorpio energy - attending a funeral, talking about death, grieving, and then in a workshop where I was transforming old energy in my body - while also celebrating my birthday... the full circle of the Scorpio - life and death together... It could be that because I am really in the natural energy of Scorpio that I feel right at home. No resistance. If you are also a Scorpio like me then you might feel this same way. This is my kind of intensity. And maybe it's the other signs that are having the hardest time and finding it very challenging and confronting. Scorpio energy is all about the depths of emotion, the receptivity of the Feminine, magnetism and mystery, sexuality, and the power that is held in the transformation of the dark. For me, I don't understand who wouldn't want to be in this! It's amazing! But, I also realize it might not be every one's cup of tea.

This agitation you feel can quickly be turned into productive fuel simply by doing something with it. You just have to move it and then it becomes the fire to fuel a project, or get you going with something. Use your tools: move your body, be creative... whatever it is, just get it moving and you can keep yourself from being stuck in the irritation. Also, use the resistance or irritation as a compass - it is usually pointing in the direction where you are stretching and growing the most. It's pointing to the direction you are going. Funny enough. It shows up as a roadblock, but it's actually an arrow -> "Head this way!" Right now our egos are really being stirred up in us, they don't want us to grow or get to a place where they aren't in control. It's ok to be uncomfortable (it's just the discomfort of the ego). It's ok to stretch beyond your limits (your soul is waiting). You are ready.

Scorpio energy is very powerful! Everyone always thinks of the Scorpio as being harsh towards others, but really the Scorpion is best at stinging itself. It is most biting, judgmental and hard on itself than it ever is on others. Be aware if particularly harsh thoughts are surfacing, if you find yourself being critical or using your thoughts to disempower yourself. See if you can catch yourself when you are doing this. Know that these thoughts are not true. They might not go away, but try to do an activity that connects you to your own greatness, one that reminds you of who you are. This will help to shift everything so you are not coming from that critical place, so it's not running the show. Those thoughts might not go completely quiet, but you don't have to buy into them when they arise. Now is a time to anchor yourself in your true energy, in your heart, in your soul. Anything you can do right now to do that will be essential in moving through this time.

This is a time where things are bound to surface. Scorpio is all about transformation, it is a master healer. Use this energy in your life right now to help you move through what you are facing. See if you can tap into this wise energy that knows just what to do to transform and heal. Your intuition is bound to be stronger than ever. Trust it. 

Scorpio also rules the natural cycle of death and rebirth. How is this cycle of energy showing up in your life right now? I think there is comfort in knowing that you are in the natural energy of the cosmos. 

It is also a time for New Moon Wishing! It's a great time to wish about where you are headed, energy you wish to bring in, ways you want to move forward in the world. You can read more about how to wish right here

Enjoy this time. I know it might be really difficult. But, there is such magic in the Scorpio New Moon! Don't be afraid to explore its depths, and dive into the darkness. That's where the gold is. 

Mark Rothko