full moon // december


Night Long Moon
Friday, December 25th, Cancer, 3:11 am PST

Happy Christmas to you! What a special gift we all get to receive today, a Full Moon looking down on us, shining bright, high up in the dark and cold Winter sky. This is a time all about transitioning. Winter is a natural time of slowing down, going inwards, and needing the solace of silence. Just as the Bear hibernates, we need to as well. It's ok if you are needing more quiet and alone time, if you want to be sleeping longer, reading all day, taking long walks in the woods, and craving warm and comforting foods. Be in the natural rhythm of the season. All of these activities will nourish and nurture you right now, which is also directly in alignment with the energy of Cancer. A big part of this Full Moon is the nurturing, mothering energy that Cancer brings. 

We are about to shift to 2016, and into all sorts of BIG things coming our way, this is a perfect time to pause and reflect as we start to transition. What does your heart need right now? How can your honor it in this moment? What wisdom does it hold for you? I really think that right now we are on the edge of transitioning into some huge shifts in our lives. Things we have been wanting, and wishing for, and getting ready for for so long. Now is the time to go inward and get clear, to take that grounding deep breath before you take the leap! Be as clear as you can be about where you are in your life and what you want. Something to be asking yourself is - How committed am I to what my heart desires? This is a big question. I have been learning that the more committed I am to something the more clear my choices can be. Being committed to something requires a lot of you, but it can also guide the way as you move forward. 

And with this energy from Cancer I wouldn't be surprised if your heart is desiring things that have to do with family, home, relationships, protection, nurturing, emotional connection. 

Take this time to take a breath, slow down, be silent, and nurture yourself. 

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  1. Hello Lauren,
    Sometimes it feels as if you are good at reading my heart and mind:-)
    I can only concur that clarity comes with commitment. Yes, I got to experience the cancer energy in full force in the past few days. It did worry me that I was sleeping a lot. Then I thought, it is winter time, so it is fine to be in a warm bed for ages.
    I hope you will have a lovely new year!

    1. yep! it is winter!! just nurture yourself as much as you can!
      happy new year!
      i hope you embrace what it brings you with open arms!