new moon / december


Night Long Moon
Wednesday, December 28th, Capricorn, 10:53 pm PST

The last few nights I have seen Venus shining brightly in the sky, calling me to find more beauty, open to new pleasures, and connect to how lovely it is to be human. Venus helps us to find peace, and with all that is going on on our planet, in our political system, and even in our personal lives, peace is needed. But, I really think it is so much deeper than that right now. I think we are being called to find a peace within. A peace between our own dark and light. We can see it so clearly on the planet, but it is just a reflection of what is happening within, and that is often harder to see because, well... it just doesn't feel good to admit that we have the same kind of darkness in one form or another. 

We have just come through a time of darkness, with Scorpio and the Winter Solstice giving us both opportunities and pause to look at our own dark, and our relationship to it. Exposing it is of such importance. JUST by allowing it to come to the surface you take power away from it, you make it harder for it to control you. And remember that when transformed that darkness is power! Allow the parts of you that have resistance, judgment and even blindness to your dark to make peace with the fact that it's there. It's not who you are, but merely an aspect. You are human, to be human means to have darkness. And it is a gift to be human,  to have experiences, it's the only way our soul can evolve.

I think we are coming out of two to three months of witnessing darkness in a big way and we are now in a time of being really honest about it. Almost every friend of mine is going through something big right now. And I keep encouraging them to be honest. To take responsibility of what they are feeling, but to be really honest about it, with themselves and with others. So many things are rearranging themselves, and we must learn to adjust to the ways we are growing. And it seems that things and people are growing at different rates, which can be hard (some things even feel like they are going backwards, and also swinging too far to the other side like a pendulum). The only way to get through it in an empowered and meaningful way that will allow for growth and for breakthroughs is to be honest. I'm scared. I'm hurt. I'm angry. You have to speak up! Speak the things you are feeling out loud! And practice doing this in a way where you own them, honor them, but know you are so much bigger than them.

As the year comes to a close and a new one is about to begin it's a natural time of reflection and looking ahead. I'm not one for intention setting or resolutions. BUT, I do think something worth doing is to feel into the changes that are already working on you. What is being birthed in you? What new energy are you moving into? How is this different than where you have been most of your life? Who are you?
Who are you becoming? 

Spend a little time in meditation, connecting deeply, use your imagination to feel into the energy that is stirring within you, and see if you can use your intuition to feel into the energy you are moving into! It feels powerful and exciting, I can feel it right now as I write this!

This is the last moon writing for 2016, and I just want to say thank you. Thank you for showing up to read this. I have been writing it for over four years and it's funny as I don't know who you are or how many you are, but I sit down to write these every new and full moon in good faith that it is of some importance, of some help, even if just for myself. Wishing you nothing but extraordinary things for 2017, a life beyond anything you could have imagined for yourself!

Yohji Yamamoto and I can't remember


moon list

I had the honor of doing a Moon List for my friend Leigh Patterson

You can read the whole thing here.

creative act:

I was only in the studio the first week of this month. The rest has been spent traveling and visiting family in Europe. I went to the Wallace Collection the other day in London. I remembered how important it is for me as an artist to walk around a museum alone and in silence. Especially one with art that predates the 1900’s. I got so inspired by a myriad of things that excite me about getting back to work when I get home. Things like how the chain that hangs the paintings from the celling looks against the dusty blue silk wallpaper, the contrasting marbles, seeing paintings in person that I wrote about in Graduate School, or looking for an abnormally long time at how the fur of a dead deer was painted. 

I just got so excited about Painting (with a capital P), about what it can do and about what it means to be a painter now in relationship to its history. I remembered how having the space to look and think can be a huge part of creativity.  

Knoll stacking stools, on the set of Heart of Glass - Werner Herzog hypnotizing his actors


full moon / dec


Night Long Moon
Tuesday, December 13th, Gemini, 4:05 pm PST

Hello! I know I took a break last moon, which I have never done in the five years of writing about the lunar cycles. I was traveling and needed a break, so I gave myself one. And I knew you would all be ok without a moon post ;) But, I am back and ready to ease into this Full Moon in Gemini. 

We have our moon in the sign of Gemini and the Sun in the sign of Sagittarius. This is a perfect time to utilize these opposing energies to make new plans for your life. I am going through a period of rethinking how I structure my days, where I am living, how I am living, what is of importance, what are my goals and what kind of lifestyle is in support of those goals. And just in the last 3 days I have had 5 conversations with different friends about this. It seems that everyone is going through a bit of reevaluation. And it seems we are all ready for a change. Sagittarius is great for helping you look at the big picture, because we are in a time where it is more than just rearranging the furniture. You might need to really make a huge shift, this could be literal or energetic. And Gemini energy is really great for focusing on the details, the to-do list, the who's and what's and where's that will help get you there and feel supported. 

This could be a shift that you plan for and work towards, because as we know sometimes real change takes time and practice. Or it could be something that happens suddenly, where you are forced to shift or make a change. Either way it's time to be open to it. No resisting - this just makes it so much more difficult. And if you are experiencing difficulty or pain that is a sign that there is resistance. So instead of fighting the resistance, accept it. Know that you are bigger than your own resistance and just include it, but from a place where you can be a parent to it, not letting it run the show. And embrace looking at yourselves and your life with new eyes! What can be possible in your life that you have never seen before?

The time in between a Full Moon and New Moon is a perfect time for letting go, as the moon lets go of more and more light in each passing moment. Try focusing some attention and dedicating a little time every day to letting go. Letting go of ideas about who you are... to make room for a kind of energy you didn't even know you could be! 

photo by Barbara and Michael Leisgen



A few months ago I had the privilege of doing an interview for the lovely brand Anaak! Their clothes are made with such integrity. Thank you to Marissa, Yasmine and Carissa.

Read the full interview here

— What was the most recent thing you read/ watched/ tasted that took you by surprise, moved you, inspired you?

The work Charles Atlas did with Merce Cunningham, the music of J D Emmanuel, the TV show Stranger Things, Werner Herzog’s movies Heart of Glass and The White Diamond, a yoga class my friend taught on the color purple, reading about Bletchley Park and the Turing Machine, teaching meditation to a seven year old, seeing my favorite film Uncle Boonmee Who Could Recall His Past Lives again on the big screen at an old movie theater, fruit on my kitchen windowsill warmed by the sun and the oppressive heat of the dry Santa Ana winds, seeing the most incredible sunset of my life on the beach with a friend. I have never been IN a sunset before.


full moon / november


Hunter's Moon
Monday, November 14th, Taurus, 5:52 am PST

This is our THIRD supermoon in a row, but by far the most powerful! A supermoon, aka perigee moon, means that the moon is closest to the earth in its orbit because the moon's orbit is slightly elliptical. Which means this one will appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than normal. This is the most powerful supermoon we have had since 1948 and we won't have another like it until 2023. So, take advantage of it, and stay extra grounded to use its energy in healthy and positive ways.

This supermoon will be in the sign of Taurus, with our Sun in the sign of Scorpio. Both are fixed signs, meaning that they are not flexible and like things to stay the same. Because of this (and much more), all that is surfacing in our political climate right now will feel like a hard pill to swallow. Scorpio likes to surface the dark to bring it to the light to be transformed. Be the light! Don't go to the light to avoid the dark, but see the dark, and source a light that is greater! 

On the other hand, we can use the energy of both signs in our personal lives to great effect. To heal ourselves is to heal the collective. Taurus is ruled by the sensual and feminine Venus. Lovers of all things that bring pleasure: good food, music, beauty, comfort, enjoying abundance wherever they can find it. Now, that's pretty radical energy at this moment when you think about what is going on in our country. But! this lover of life and of living is really healing energy right now.

Taurus is also an Earth sign, so it is a perfect time to bring this light, pleasure, Divine energy into our bodies to be an expression in the world. Creativity is key! Think about the ways your creativity is asking to be nurtured or expressed. You might have felt it around you for a while, pointing towards a new idea or creative endeavor. It might be the thing you where you keep saying, "Oh... one day I will get to that". Well, that day is here. I feel so much creativity is about ready to erupt in our bodies! So much energy wants to come through us and we can help it to be made physical by being creative in our lives. Use the emotion you are feeling in your life to create something! Something radical!

And use the grounded earthiness of Taurus. What real and practical things can you do to get the ball rolling? It is one thing to have an idea, or a desire, or be connected to spirit. But, it is so much more meaningful, healing, powerful, and purposeful to channel that energy through the body and manifest it out into the world. 

Get creative!
Be in your body!
Be the light!

And don't forget to put your minerals, crystals and rock out in this light of the full moon to be cleansed. I like to keep mine out in the sun the following day to balance the female and male energies. 

Haris Epaminonda


new moon / october


Hunter's Moon
Sunday, October 30th, Scorpio, 10:38 am PST

We are finally in the sign of Scorpio! My favorite, because I am a Scorpio, Sun and Moon. I once had an astrologer say to me, "You can always tell a Scorpio, they are the only ones who think that Scorpio is the best sign." Ha ha. It's true. And most Scorpios I know love other Scorpios. We have a real bond to those of our kind, as we are a deep, complex and often misunderstood sign.

So let's jump into this energy. That's really the key right now, jumping in - going all in. Scorpio energy can be quiet intense and difficult for some to feel. It's a sign that doesn't shy away from the dark, difficult, or unknown. And that is the energy we are all in right now, like it or not. So use it to your advantage and surrender to it. The more you fight it the harder this time will be for you, and the more you will be splitting yourself from your own wholeness. To deny your dark is to deny the other half of who you are.

Think about what is happening in nature right now to help you; Our season is transitioning to the darker months, trees are loosing their leaves, some animals are getting ready to hibernate. This is a natural time of going inward. This is a time where things are coming to an end and we are feeling a sense of completion. Take a moment to think about the things in your life or within yourself that you are ready to draw to completion. Metaphorically speaking, what must die so that there can be a rebirth? This is a great time to think about what must come to an end and what will be reborn, just as the phoenix rises from the ashes anew. This is something the Scorpio knows so well, this natural cycle of transformation, continuously dieing many deaths to be reborn again and again. This is one of its strengths, and how they grow. The process of the death and rebirth cycle doesn't always have to be painful. It is our holding on and dragging our feet that makes it painful and difficult. 

Scorpios are also very adept at seeing into the dark and bringing to the surface what is ready to be seen or examined. I hear an Owl outside right now as I write this. The Owl survives by being able to see in the dark night, to see what other animals can not. It can not be deceived and just like the Scorpio it can often see through any deception and find the truth. Pay attention to things you might have been hiding, from others or yourself. These deeper truths will have permission right now to rise to the surface. Don't waste your energy trying to hide or control them. See their surfacing as another opportunity for transformation. The dark can be intense and something we fear, but it can also hold mystery, magic and possibility! Those are the goodies of the darkness.

We also have Pluto and Mars bringing to the surface a lot of the wounds of the Feminine. And you can feel this in the air right now. There is an uproar, a trembling, like a volcano getting ready to erupt, of this repressed feminine energy. And not just in females, in men as well, as we are all made of both masculine and feminine energy. Anywhere where you have been shut down in your sexual energy, your creative drive, passion... anywhere where that has been abused or mistreated (by others or yourself), you better bet that you will feel outrage raising through your throat to speak out against any kind of oppression. Especially with Scorpio ruling the second chakra and it's opposing sign of Taurus ruling the throat. Taking a stand for the truth, and against the dark, is no longer a choice, it is a reality.

This is a wonderful New Moon to make wishes in. Use the energy of Scorpio to think about what must come to an end, and what is ready to be reborn. You can make wishes about just that - what will rise from these ashes?! You can wish to find the strength to seek and speak the truth, or wishing to have the courage to see into the dark, or about being ready to face and embrace what has been hidden inside you. You can wish about deepening your intuition, connecting deeper to something or someone, about igniting your sexual energy, or about finding the mystery and possibility of this time. Scorpios are very intuitive, powerful and wise. They have a depth of emotion unlike any other sign because they are unafraid to dive into the deepest and darkest of waters.

Giovanni Ricci, 'The Death of Cleopatra (detail)' (1525)


10 day

10 Day Breathwork Meditation Challenge

Join in on the 10 Day Breathwork Meditation Challenge. It’s perfect if you have been wanting to try the breathwork at home, or if you are ready to deepen your meditation practice. Each day a new topic and question will be posed to help you focus on various aspects of what the breathwork can bring up and how it can be a tool for you in your daily life. You will have access to both musical and vocal guided recordings of 15, 20 and 30 minutes in length to help you. Receive support from the community, and ask questions of me and each other about your experience. This is a perfect time with the changing season to tune in, look inward, and be challenged to hold a bigger commitment to yourself. See just how much can shift in your life in ten days.

October 29th - November 7th
To join in email me - lauren@fieldsofstudy.com

You don't have to be located in LA to join in. This is about helping you to establish a practice on your own at home, and supporting you around integrating it into your daily routine.

Photo by Claire Cottrell

mineral meditation

Join me for a special Mineral Breathwork Meditation in Echo Park

For this workshop the focus will be on SHUNGITE, a great mineral for grounding. You will get a mineral of your own to work with and take home. During the circle we will talk all about this very special mineral: how to clean and care for it, you'll learn about its specific energy and properties, how to use it in your daily life, and you will get the opportunity to experience its healing qualities during meditation.

Sunday, October 23rd
10:00 am - 12:00 noon
Yogala, Echo Park, CA
To sign up or reserve your space, click here

The Breathwork Meditation is a two part active, rhythmic breath that is very healing. Though the breath is simple to learn it is quite powerful and profound to experience as it clears emotional blocks and stuck energy. It opens you up allowing you to connect to the deep current of energy that runs throughout your body. By quieting the mind you create space to listen with your heart, leaving you feeling peaceful, grounded, and expansive. You learn to become a healer for yourself with the breath as your tool.

Hope to see you there!


full moon / october


Harvest Moon
Saturday, October 14th, Aries, 9:23 pm PST

With all Full Moons we have the opportunity to grow through opposing energies. On Saturday our Sun stays in the sign of Libra while the Moon shifts into its opposite sign of Aries. This is usually why Full Moons are more emotional, because they are pulling your energy in two different directions, which creates a split, allowing things to surface and allowing you to see where you are disconnected. They can be difficult as emotions arise, seemingly out of the blue, but if you have awareness of the two energies then what arises can be a gift to help you see where you are ready for healing. 

Our Sun stays in the balanced harmony of the diplomatic Libra, lover of beauty and seeker of partnership. While the Moon moves into Aries, the masculine Warrior. With it's ruling planet of Mars there is a lot of energy behind you right now to move towards your desires! So, on one hand you might feel as if you want to be in places and situations where you find comfort and ease. And on the other you might feel like you are being pulled or thrown into situations where you have to be independent, stand up for yourself, or fight for what you want and care about (or you might notice eruptions of anger). This might make some uncomfortable, but it might be just the thing that some of you need to take some risks and move toward your desires with more force, direction, and purpose. 

With Libra being an Air sign and Aries ruled by Fire, see if you can get these two elements to help each other out. After all, it's Air that feeds the Fire. When you are feeling challenged, pushed or scared to take the risk and show up in a bigger way for yourself, use the qualities of the element of Air. Find a way to give yourself space or to see the bigger picture, to connect to something greater or to use the mind to be a bit rational. These two signs, although opposites, can work beautifully together if you allow them to. 

Sophia Pompéry, Lighting Up, Burning Down, 2009


new moon // september


Harvest Moon
Friday, September 30th, Libra, 5:11 pm PST

This is our second New Moon in September, often referred to as a Blue Moon. You can take a deep sigh into this New Moon in Libra. After the rough and tumble few weeks we had with the eclipses we are being given the gift of this New Moon in Libra! The main focus of this next two weeks is relationships! Libra energy strives to bring harmony and balance to all the relationships in your life. It is a time for creating a peaceful connection between the relationship with the self, and your relationship with the other: intimate relationships, marriage, friendships, family, co-workers, teacher / student... This is a time where things about yourself will be mirrored in the other, so pay particular attention to what you see in others, as it is just a reflection of you. The great thing is that this Libra energy can soothe and balance the places that feel off, or bring understanding and non-judgment to the things that might be difficult to accept. Libra is what will help heal and create harmony. It is really such a beautiful energy. And right now Libra's ruling planet is in Scorpio, so you can bet that there will be depth involved, either depth of connection or deep healing.  

This is not a time of perfection. It is not about the balance that is perfect, or the beauty that is ideal. It is about a kind of energy that is much more feminine, it's the wisdom of the female. The energy that knows what is needed in any given situation, that knows how to make everyone feel special and heard. It has the wisdom to know what will create balance that comes from love, or how to see the beauty that perhaps no one else can. 

We also have Jupiter aligned right now with the Sun and Moon. This is a huge gift! As the energy of Jupiter is very optimistic. It is a time of beauty, understanding, teaching and learning from others, harmony, connection to others... and most of all love. There is a lot of love in the air with this New Moon. With Libra being an air sign it is less the personal kind of love that exists between two people, but more a universal love. A love that is bigger. And it is with this kind of love that we can heal personal wounds and create deeper connections with those in our life. 

Also - don't be surprised if you have have some physical stuff coming up this past week. I think this is part of the fallout from the eclipses. Use this energy of Libra to nurture yourself. And don't forget to make your new moon wishes! Wishing for things that Libra energy can help you with: places where you seek more harmony and connection, a deeper feeling of love and trust, places where you would like more balance within yourself, feeling more optimism and love in your life, finding the beauty that is all around you...

Enjoy this time. It is a gift. 


full moon / september


Harvest Moon
Friday, September 16th, Pisces, 12:05 pm PST

Today marks our second eclipse, this one lunar, and the full moon in Pisces. In between our first eclipse and this one there has been some powerful energy in the air, and the eclipses are acting together to help us grow. The first was all about bringing things up! And with mercury retrograding = having things fall apart and break away. We are now in a time of feeling the aftermath of that, we are in the fall out, reacting to everything that has been happening. It's more of an emotional time because of that, and with a full moon, AND with it being in Pisces (a really watery, emotional, feeling sign)

The way that we heal all of these wounds and rebuild into something new is to use the energy of Mars, and the elements of Air and Fire. Through action is how we will access our power. It's through risk taking and taking a chance that we will grow. The challenges we have been facing (and just life's challenges in general) help us realize that we are bigger than we thought - stronger than we thought - more compassionate than we thought. 

Don't get stuck in the passivity of the Pisces moon, or the over analytical mind of the Virgo sun. It's not a time of being frozen or taking a step back. It's a time of doing! Let the light of this full moon light the way. Let it show you just how big your soul is! Just how powerful you are! Just how much you are ready for! This is a time about healing, but healing that is done through action. 

Photos by Sibté Hassan. Demonstrated by Martha Graham Dance Company member Xiaochuan Xie


fields of study

The new site is live!

Fields of Study provides breathwork meditation for kids, adults, and creative businesses.

Fields of Study is the resource for breathwork meditation, moon reflections, and mineral healing. Inspired by ideas and practices both 
modern and ancient - drawn from poetry, dance, art, music, literature, healing and science.

Please visit the site to learn more about how meditation can become a tool in your daily life to gain more clarity, creativity and calm. 


new moon // september


Harvest Moon
Thursday, September 1st, Virgo, 2:03 am PST

The days leading up to the New Moon and partial solar eclipse have been rough ones. There is a lot of tough energy in the air. I think it also has to do with Mercury going into retrograde on Tuesday and even the earthquake that happened a few weeks ago in Italy. I think some energy really broke loose, something deep and unconscious. The energy doesn't feel like a tidal wave, or a tornado. It doesn't feel like we are drowning in pain like it felt at the end of last year. I have been describing this new recent energy as silent chaos. It's churning things up and things feel out of control, but if feels so confusing because you can't see or hear the chaos (unless what is happening on the inside has been showing up in your outer world reflection, in this case you better open your eyes pretty wide and look at what is going on. Your soul is making sure you see it!). This chaos feels a bit more elusive. Harder to pin down and point to. And in that way it almost feel more out of our control. It's sneakier. 

What is really important about this time with the moon and the retrograde is that you put your heart before your head. Virgo energy is very analytical. It is sometimes overly mental, too many thoughts can cloud a connection to what the heart feels. Let the energy of the New Moon, a time of reflection, help you to get in touch with what you are feeling. The challenge is that this moon is in Virgo, which is so mental. Try as much as you can to let your thoughts (also connected to Mercury) take a break. This is not to say that you won't have thoughts, but it's just about listening more to what you are feeling. To put the emphasis there, and to be trusting your intuition and what your heart feels more as you move out into the world, and make decisions. 

So how do we know what is the voice of our heart and not just a triggered emotion from a wounded place? That's a tough one, and there really isn't a quick answer I can give you. But it is something to keep in mind right now. To be asking when you feel something: Is this the voice of my heart, or is this a triggered emotional wound? Earth and fire energy will help you to do this. Stay grounded, use the earth to help. And the energy of fire, which burns things away to reveal the truth. 

These next two weeks are all about trusting your heart and your intuition. Letting your mind take a break, not listening to thoughts as much or placing an importance on them in your decision making process. New moons are about going within, it's a great time to get in touch with what is inside. They are also about new beginnings. How do you move out into the world being lead by your heart? Where each choice and each step comes from that place. And remember, retrogrades are all about realigning, so there will be an element of breaking away / apart / down to rebuild from a more authentic and true place. So, we are lucky to have a new moon that coincides with Mercury going into retrograde. It's a time of the NEW!

Good luck! And don't forget to make your new moon wishes! You can read more about how to do that here

Merce Cunningham’s 1997 dance Scenario. Costumes by Rei Kawakubo


mineral meditation / venice

Please join me for a very special Breathwork Meditation.

This is part of a series of Mineral Meditations. This month we will focus on FLUORITE, a great stone for clarity. You will get a mineral of your own to work with and take home with you. During the circle we will talk all about this very special mineral: how to clean and care for it, you'll learn about its specific energy and properties, and you will get the opportunity to experience its healing qualities during our meditation

Saturday, August 27th
10:00 am - 12:00 noon
Venice, CA
Space is limited / to reserve your space please RSVP to me.
laurenspencerking @ gmail . com 
The location will be emailed to you when you RSVP.

Breath is what connects us to each other, to every thing, to all times. 

The Breathwork Meditation is a two part active, rhythmic breath that is very healing. Though the breath is simple to learn it is quite powerful and profound to experience as it clears emotional blocks and stuck energy. It opens you up allowing you to connect to the deep current of energy that runs throughout your body. By quieting the mind you create space to listen with your heart, leaving you feeling peaceful, grounded, and expansive. You learn to become a healer for yourself with the breath as your tool. 


full moon // august


Green Corn Moon
Thursday, August 18th, Aquarius, 2:23 am PST

In the last few years Aquarius energy has become increasingly difficult for me, so much so that even going into the energy of Aquarius for this post has been hard. My South Node is in Aquarius, which means it's traits and wisdom are ones I entered into this lifetime with, and I am learning the ways of the Leo (my North Node). Despite my chart saying I am so comfortable in it's energy because it is so known to me, it is a very challenging sign to me lately. So, this month I want to turn the tables on you. I like to do this every once in a while, to have you exercises your own inner wisdom on how the cosmos are affecting you. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself and sit with these next two weeks:
- Where can you be more flexible, spontaneous and social in your life?
- Is it hard for you to take a break from working so hard and being so focused? If so, try taking a break. See how it feels.
- What does it feel like to stop and acknowledge what you have done and what you have achieved? Are you too quick to rush to the next to-do, or are you always focused on what's next?
- Take a few breaths and focus on the big picture... what do you see?
- Do you sometimes use the Aquarian energy of the big picture to "rise above" any troubles or difficulties, pain or sadness? Do you use this energy to bypass certain emotions and truths?
- What change are you ready for?

Rebecca Horn, White Body Fan, 1972




A new interview is up... ten questions, five from me - five from Hiro, about our show at Regards in Chicago this past April. 
Read the full interview here


HS : Echoing your question 2 – What is your relationship with the color black, or darkness as a medium, color, feeling, concept?

LSK : This really is the crux of the work. Even beyond the work, this question bleeds out into my life, and not just my life, but I think into life itself.

There is a kind of mystery in darkness, and a kind of possibility. In the place of no thing there is the possibility for any thing… for every thing! This potential feels so vital and fertile to me. In the darkness there is transformation and communion. Love is often made in the dark, it’s the time of dreaming and silence. It’s the place of the unknown. It has depth. In many ways I am calling for a reclamation of this word. Fear has been so embedded into it, when really darkness holds the most potent power and potential for transformation.

Van Gogh said about darkness, “One of the most beautiful things by the painters of this century has been the painting of darkness that is still color.”


new moon // august


Green Corn Moon
Tuesday, August 2nd, Leo, 1:44 am PST

We move into August with a giant roar from our inner Leos! Last month, and throughout the summer, we have had a lot of creative energy flowing through us. Summer is naturally a creative time, with all it's fire energy. This month we are getting an extra boost from Leo to release and express our inner voice and ideas out into the world! It's a time to be bold and expressive, to have courage and confidence, to radiate our inner light and strength! For some of us who are more introverted this doesn't come easily, but the energy of this new moon in Leo will make it easy to find ways where it feels natural to shine.

This new moon also carries with it energy to help us restart, to look at things that have been happening or things we have been focusing on with new eyes. It will help us see where we need to shift our focus, or come at the issue from another direction. Check in with yourself about the things you have been gripping to tightly. Ask yourself - Is it time to look at it in a new way? Maybe it's time for a new direction, a clean slate, or just a new way of looking at what's right in front of you.

Be brave this new moon! Express from your heart!

And don't forget to make your new moon wishes, read more about how to do that here.

Constantin Brancusi, Le Coq, 1924


full moon // july


Thunder Moon 
Tuesday, July 19th, Capricorn, 3:56 pm PST

Full Moons are always times of heightened emotion, as they can be more volatile. One of the reasons for this is that during times when the moon is full the sun and moon are in opposing signs. So this can create a pull within us, or a divide, allowing things to come up through that crack. Or it can feel like two waves crashing against each other. It is always extra emotional as we feel pulled in two different directions, especially right now with the sun in the sign of Cancer  (a very watery and emotional sign).  And we have the Moon in Capricorn (a very focused driven sign). It is a challenge for us to hold two emotions at once, especially if they are opposing. At times we can feel this conflict. But, today I have been thinking a lot about the opportunity full moons give us to see the opposite point of view, or the other side of the coin. They give us a chance to see where we are strong and where we are growing. To love something in another that is not like us, and perhaps that makes us love something in us even more. To understand a new facet of ourselves, perhaps that dark side of the moon we never see. All of this just takes us deeper into our relationship with the self. 

There is also a configuration happening right now in the sky between the sun, moon and Uranus that is all about holding two oppositions. This T-Square alignment is calling for us to have a willingness to look at our need for relationships and freedom. How can you have both simultaneously? 

It's also a great time to take risks with your creativity and in your creative practice. You will most likely be feeling a surge of energy right now around your creativity. Stretch yourself! Take some risks!

Sam Falls, Untitled (Copper Tear), 2012


mineral meditation

Please join me for a very special Mineral Breathwork Meditation.

This is part of a series of Mineral Meditations. This month we will focus on PYRITE. 
You will get a mineral of your own to work with and take home with you. During the circle we will talk about it's properties, how to clean and care for it, you'll learn about it's specific energies and properties, and you will get the opportunity to experience its healing qualities during meditation. 

Saturday, July 23rd
10:00 am - 12:00 noon
Venice, CA
Space is limited / to reserve your space please RSVP to me. 
The location will be emailed to you when you RSVP.

Breath is what connects us to each other, to every thing, to all times. 
The Breathwork Meditation is a two part active, rhythmic breath that is very healing. Though the breath is simple to learn it is quite powerful and profound to experience as it clears emotional blocks and stuck energy. It opens you up allowing you to connect to the deep current of energy that runs throughout your body. By quieting the mind you create space to listen with your heart, leaving you feeling peaceful, grounded, and expansive. You learn to become a healer for yourself with the breath as your tool.


new moon // july


Thunder Moon
Monday, July 4th, Cancer, 4:00 am PST

How are you breaking free? I have been thinking a lot about freedom these past weeks. What that means in respect to my life, and the unexpected freedom that has been a gift to me during times when I experience great loss. 

This new moon is in the sign of Cancer, a very watery sign. It is an energy all about feelings, and feelings that are personal, not of the other or the more universal. They are about the ebb and flow of our inner emotional bodies. Water has movement, it is powerful yet fluid. I think about water a lot, as I am a Scorpio (which is a fixed water sign, it has the depth of the water, into the darkness and the part of the unknown, but it is stubborn and sometimes harsh) and I have a rising sign of Pisces (which is another water sign, but more of the physic and compassion of connection to others). How can I learn to be the water of the Cancer? The water that is personal, that is about understanding how to nurture myself, how to feel my feelings, how to connect to the flow within myself. How do I learn to not only embrace and accept, but to also ride the waves of my emotional body? That's what this time is about. 

This is also a time of release, release from wounds. And a time of freedom! Mars has been in retrograde since April 17 and it finally went direct on June 29th. This retrograde has slowed us down in many areas, but mostly I have noticed that it has brought up a lot of anger, frustration, aggravation etc... which I have talked about before. It has made our lives and relationships more difficult. BUT! It has also freed up so much of that energy in our bodies! If you have been allowing Mars to pull that energy up and out of you then you will be feeling much lighter and more at ease right now. And possibly some watery emotions could be flowing more easily. What have you broken free from during this Mars in retrograde period that has allowed for more freedom, ease and flow?

During these next few weeks try to focus on nurturing your emotional self. Find ways to allow yourself to be more free with your emotions, even if only to yourself. Take away the judgment and the restrictions on what you feel and when you feel it. How can you not just allow the bigger waves to come but also how do you not get stuck or drown in those waves, but learn to ride them? 

Don't forget to make your new moon wishes today. You can read more about how to do that here. It's a great time to use the energy of Cancer and wish about anything around the areas of home, family, self love, compassion, emotions, healing, support, or patients. 

Jane Dudley - Martha Graham technique Bennington School of the Dance 1938



Issey Miyake A.POC blouse and gloves

Edith Dekyndt

Ue-no-Hakama (Trousers) of the Emperor Reigen in White Hailstone Pattern Weave. Edo Period, Kyoto National Museum