full moon / january


Wolf Moon
Saturday, January 23rd, Leo, 5:46 pm PST

We are nearing the end of January and I feel space is finally opening up for us all. This year was off to a bit of a heavy and slow start. Also, this Mercury in retrograde has been a really tough one! I think we all thought we would hit the ground running on January 1st. But there were other things in store for us. We needed to slow down. To be confronted by the old. To relax and reflect. To plan and get ready. February really feels like when things will have the opportunity to come in, when new projects will get the momentum they need, and when things will settle in. 

We can use the energy of the Sun in Aquarius that is reflecting off the Moon in Leo. Now is a great time to keep an eye on the big picture. To take a step back before your take running steps forward. Get clear about what you are really wanting for yourself,  where you want to spend your energy, and the kind of relationships you wish to be in. Think about how you want to be a leader, how to use your voice, and the impact you wish to make. The energy of Leo can help us learn to be courageous and strong when facing our fears. It can help us stand up and go for the things we really want in our life, to voice what we desire, and to allow ourselves to be ruled by what we are passionate about! This is the time to really be going for it! 

As we are in the final push of Mercury in retrograde it will feel a little more intense these next few days, until the 25th when it goes direct. Clear communication is key right now, not just with others though. Try to be really clear with yourself. Are there messages you have been ignoring or ways in which something is trying to communicate with you? Are you listening with a sensitive ear and heart to yourself right now? Have plenty of compassion, tenderness, and understanding for all the ways you are being lead to grow right now. 

Spend some time cultivating the Leo Lion inside you! Be courageous, playful, joyful, creative, passionate, even ferocious if need be! Now is not the time to hold back. 

Adrian Samson

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