full moon // february


Wolf Moon
Monday, February 22, Virgo, 10:20 am PST

This is a time of breaking down and breaking through. With this very intense Full Moon and other planetary alignments there are lots of old structures that are being broken down right now, radical changes, upsets, things being unearthed, even strange weather patterns. The winds are shifting and we must learn to flow with them. 

The word breakdown can have a negative connotation to it. But it really is just a way to reveal something that is underneath, more true perhaps, or something that is ready to emerge. Think about a stone sculptor who starts with a block of marble and slowly chips and chisels away revealing and creating something amazing and new. You can think of yourself as this block of marble, things crumbling and falling away to reveal something more true, more you. Some things might fall away with ease, some will be more painful. This process of unearthing will both reveal things of beauty as well as difficult things. But in my eyes both are the same. Even the dark shadowy things, the fears and the ego, and the pain... when you reveal those things and have the courage to look at them and face them, you give yourself the opportunity to reveal something more true.  

With the Sun in the opposing sign of Pisces you are extra sensitive right now and your intuition is very strong. So, use it. Allow it to be your guide. Let it help you know where and when to let go, know what needs to be broken off, or brought to the surface to the light. With your intuition and sense of seeing in the dark you can discern what needs to be transformed. And with everything going on in the sky it won't be hard to see. It may just be a different kind of "seeing" than you are used to. The places where there is fear, shadow, unhealthy behavior, things that are hidden or secretive... it will be easy to point to. So, point to it! Bring it up. Be unafraid. In the naming of it you are already transforming it.

Torso of Venus. Roman, 1st - 2nd Century. Marble

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