new moon // february


Hunger Moon
Monday, February 8th, Aquarius, 6:40 am PST

Happy Lunar New Year!
With this Moon comes change. If you have been feeling agitated, restless, and easily aggravated lately then this is your body trying to tell you it's time to make a change - or that a change is coming your way. The last Full Moon I talked a little about how this year was off to a slow start, that nothing would be ready to shift or get going until February... and here we are.

These changes may be planed or more likely than not they will be unexpected. Keep in mind that unplanned is better, although far more challenging, for it is rare that we know what is best for ourselves. 

With the energy of Aquarius we shift from the Capricorn's desire for personal connection to community to the boundless impact the Aquarian strives to make in the world and beyond. This is a time of great mental imagination and innovation, thinking beyond the limits and boundaries that we have placed on ourselves and our lives. Think - impacts and changes that exist outside of time or space - that's the energy we are in now.

Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius and it is all about big changes. These changes usually feel sudden and eruptive, but if you look closely you can see signs that it is coming and has been bubbling just under the surface. These kinds of changes feel like quick and radical shifts, but they have been waiting in the wings, just building momentum. As Uranus moves in the sky it has an impact here on earth, you can track its effect on us historically (revolutions, the falling of empires, technological advancements...). It has a long build up and then like lightning it strikes, and has a slow fall out. The house Uranus is transitioning through in your chart right now will tell you a lot about how it will be effecting you and the kind of changes you can expect to occur.

But, never mind the specific details, you need not know about your chart and the energy of the planets to be open to your experience right now. And that is what you must do, be open to your experience. Really pay attention to the ways you are being challenged, to the energy that is pulling your forward. When change occurs try not to grip to tight or resist to strongly. This is a time of trusting and flowing. In those challenging moments keep asking yourself, how can I open myself up to this change?

And remember that subtle shifts and can create a huge and prolonged impact.

New Moons are also a time for wishing and intention setting, you can read more about how to do that here. I use the word "wishing" here loosely. I don't actually think we are wishing, but what we are really doing is feeling into the future to what is coming towards us, the blossoming of our planted seeds. This is a great time to reflect back on ones you made at the beginning of the year and really think about how to take action on those. What choices can you make to help support those desires. This is where the work comes in.

drawing by Ed Ruscha


  1. Whilst rereading your post today, I realised each and every word of this post holds true for me.:-)