full moon // march


Sap Moon
Wednesday, March 23, Libra, 5:00 am PST

Deep healing. Old wounds ripened. Sad truths. Eternal heart connections. New beginnings. New blooms. Days of equal dark and night. A calling for balance. Shifting into action and creation. Lots of things in the air right now, with this Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, and the Spring Equinox a few days ago. I wish I had time to write a full post on what's going on right now, but I don't. I am working on a show and need every minute I can get. But, I will just say... Let the Moon be your guide right now. In it's fullness and with it's bright intensive light, it will shine on and illuminate what you need to see. Be brave enough to see it, and courageous enough to act on it. 

And... I will leave you with this poem. 


Sadness of the Moon-Goddess

To-night the Moon dreams with increased weariness, 
Like a beauty stretched forth on a downy heap 
Of rugs, while her languorous fingers caress 
The contour of her breasts, before falling to sleep. 

On the satin back of the avalanche soft, 
She falls into lingering swoons, as she dies, 
While she lifteth her eyes to white visions aloft, 
Which like efflorescence float up to the skies. 

When at times, in her languor, down on to this sphere, 
She slyly lets trickle a furtive tear, 
A poet, desiring slumber to shun, 

Takes up this pale tear in the palm of his hand 
(The colours of which like an opal blend), 
And buries it far from the eyes of the sun. 

The Flowers of Evil

Trio Film (1968) - Yvonne Rainer


new moon // march


Crow Moon 
Tuesday, March 8th, Pisces, 5:54 pm PST

Healing. That's what this time is about. 

What is your soul surfacing for you? What is it showing to you? What is it attracting and creating as an opportunity to do some deep healing? What is happening around you that is guiding you? What needs to be seen? What needs to be shared? What belief are you ready to stop believing? What wound can transform into a gift? What pain can be a source of strength? What wisdom does your body hold? What can you see that others can't? What are you ready for?

It's a time of listening to your soul. Not your mind. Not your ego. To not go to spirit. It's about the soul, and it's wisdom. It is attracting everything you need to see, every opportunity to learn and transform. Because Pisces is so activated with this moon your intuition is stronger than ever and you have a responsibility to yourself to listen to it and allow yourself to be guided by it. This is no time to resist. But make sure you are not listening to a voice that is not you, but only an aspect of you, not the truth of who you are. That is the trick. Be aware of everything right now. Listen with an especially open ear, open your eyes to different ways you are able to see. Even if you don't understand, don't be afraid to trust what is coming to you. That is really the place you want to be, in the space of not knowing, but trusting your intuition, trusting your soul. Everything around you is poitning you in the right direction. You just have to be brave enough to listen, and leap!

Don't forget to make your New Moon wishes. More info here

Agnes Martin Gabriel 1976, Film still, 16mm, 2 reels, Answer Print, Negative printing rolls, 78 minutes.


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