full moon // april


Grass Moon
Thursday, April 22, Scorpio, 10:23 pm PST

Ahh... it's like putting on my favorite cozy sweater. We have arrived at our Full Moon in Scorpio. I am a Scorpio, and having 5 planets in Scorpio I feel very at home in its energy. I think Scorpio energy can feel really good or really challenging depending on what sign you are, for some signs it's really tough. It's a very intense sign and it's energy wants to take you into the deepest darkest crevasses of your being, of your soul. It doesn't shy away from the other half of life, the parts that are heavy, and icky, and not pretty, and dark, and shadowy. It wants to face these parts of the self and of life because there is just as much truth to be found in them as there is in the others, and its energy isn't afraid of what might be found in these places. Scorpios are above all else dedicated to the truth in things, they want the truth, even if it's painful. And right now with the Sun in Taurus I feel there is an opportunity to see the beauty in these things, these parts of ourselves. How do we look at the ugliest of truths, the shadowiest of desires, the most destructive parts of ourselves and still hold them as something beautiful? Beautiful because they are a part of us, just as much as all the things we try to show to most of the world, and highlight, and live from every day. I think there is this idea out there about living in our "highest truth", or our "brightest self", or with grace... or whatever New Spiritual word you want to use. I always find that inauthentic. It totally denies half of who we are. What is it like to live holding both parts as equally true? Equally you.

Full Moons have a lot of pull on us emotionally, so I am sure things that you thought you were over with are surfacing. The Moon pulling out those last bits that have been hidden in you. Ride those waves and let it flow. I feel during these next few days it's important to enjoy those parts of ourselves. To allow the energy of the Sun in Taurus to help us ground into those parts of ourselves, not to let them overtake us, but just allow them some space to be seen and explored, and maybe even released. And we can hope for transformation during this time, Scorpios are the master transformer. See how much you can enjoy this time. See how much beauty you can find in it, and if not beauty than at least acceptance, or the willingness to just be brave enough to look at those parts of yourself. 

Try standing outside tonight in the light of the Full Moon, letting its light shine down on you, illuminating all parts of you, the dark and the light and everything in between. Feeling seen. And feeling the beauty in you because you are made up of both.

And don't forget, right now we have FIVE planets in retrograde: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Mercury. Retrograde times are really tough - especially if you are resistant to change. Retrograde times are really about interruption. The purpose is to: interrupt, stop, and change the motion of life, living in a brief period of chaos. This interruption causes a lot of things to come up, "go wrong", crumble, change, etc... but it is really an opportunity for the old to break away so that you can realign your body and life to the NOW. The way to do this is to not go up (to spirit or the mind) and transcend the difficulty by being above it, but to surrender to what is happening and go down into the body, the body knows how to transform and flow with the energy that is coming into your life. 
Keep thinking of every challenge that comes your way as an opportunity.  

South of Sun - Haris Epaminonda

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