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Grass Moon
Thursday, April 7th, Aries, 4:23 am PST 

Feel the fire under your feet! You might already feel it in your whole body! There is a lot of fire energy in the air right now with this Supermoon in Aries. This New Moon will be our strongest of the year because it is a Supermoon. A Supermoon means that the moon in its orbit is closest to the earth, and this morning it aligns with the New Moon. It's also known as a perigee New Moon, though over the years the term Supermoon has been adopted, even by scientists. 

So, let's talk about fire energy. Aries is ruled by fire, it is the sign all about willfulness and independence, taking a stand, fighting for the truth... it is warrior energy. The energy of Aries combined with it's ruler of fire can be very powerful and strong. Fire energy is all about truth. It can be very powerful if directed and embodied in a healthy way. Misdirected fire is the kind of fire energy that causes people to be successful and powerful but by being destructive or hurtful to others, it's the person who is sexual but without allowing the fire to move through the heart, it's the anger that bursts through you and makes you feel disempowered or disempowers others, and it's also the energy that makes you feel productive but that leaves you feeling burnt out and tired. True fire energy is sustained energy, it doesn't burn you out, it actually gives you more energy. True fire energy burns everything away allowing you to see the truth. You know you are in your fire when you can see the truth in something/someone (sometimes it's about holding multiple truths) and you don't allow yourself to be disempowered. Recently I have been seeing that there are so many ways we disempower ourselves, and allow others to disempower us. Think about that these next two weeks. Watch for ways that you cut yourself off from your fire, and ways that you allow others to do the same to you. 

With this fire energy and 5 planets in retrograde happening we are also in a time of really having our eyes open to the truth. And if you aren't willing to have them open, they could be forced open, there is no escaping it. I think retrogrades are a great time to realign. They are often very uncomfortable, but only because old things are crumbling so that we can rebuild the self in alignment with the NOW. So, be willing to look at what is coming into your life to help the old to fall away to reveal something more true. This time is only as uncomfortable as you make it, resistance is just met with greater resistance. 

Also, be aware of your anger this month. I am fully in favor of allowing yourself to be angry. But with all this fire and all the retrogrades, a lot of anger could surface, and it could feel overwhelming. Just be aware of when the anger is about the past and when it is about the present (sometimes it can be about both). Also be aware of how you are expressing it and who you are directing it at. And, to the point previously made about healthy fire, notice how it makes you feel. Do you feel empowered by your anger, disempowered, tired afterwards, does it make you want to check out, stuff it down, do you disempower yourself by not expressing...? All questions to be asking yourself as you study your relationship to fire this month. 

Keep your eyes open for signs. With all these shifts and all of this restructuring going on don't be afraid to ask for signs to help you know you are on the right track. I do this all the time; When things are getting hard and I am risking a lot, taking leaps of faith, or perhaps having my faith tested... I ask for a sign. And I always get one. Just keep your eyes open, and allow yourself to be open. It might not come in the form you think it will. 

This is a powerful New Moon for wishing because it is a Supermoon. Make some time today or tomorrow to sit down and write some wishes. You can read more about how to do this here. Light a candle while you do this.  

photo by Friedrich Seidenstücker

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