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- the sound of spheres - audio clip from the Golden Record aboard the Voyager spacecraft

- flipping out over this edit from the documentary Il Capo made about a quarry in northwest Italy (thanks Cecilia)

- just watched Werner Herzog's The Land of Silence and Darkness, fell in love. (see more here)

- some nice photos of Raf Simons' (for Dior) clothing from A Bigger Splash

- a great piece from Afterall about the Golden Record and the criticism and challenges it faced

- All We Can Do Is Dance: Waves - a beautiful dance on the coast of France

- the unsung women of Ireland's battle for freedom - The Sisterhood of Easter Rising 

- a clock being built that will chime every 10,000 years (thanks Meredith)

- if you are in the art world and cringe at some of the press releases that you set your eyes on you will love this... hilarious (thanks Ann)

- another great interview with Patti Smith - "I was part of a truly new generation, where everything had to be redefined: God, sex, everything."

- Silent Sound Live Inspired in part by Victorian entertainers Ira and William Davenport, who were famed for attempting to contact the the dead using their ‘spirit cabinet’, the live performance of Silent Sound features the artists seated within a soundproof cabinet, designed to echo the Davenport’s spirit cabinet. Together they repeat a spoken phrase, with their voices being fed into their Silent Sound machine where it is embedded silently into the live musical recital. The work features an original score created by J. Spaceman from the band Spiritualized.

- so excited for this film - Albert Serra's La mort de Louis XIV, starring French New Wave mascot Jean-Pierre Léaud as the Sun King

Wiener Werkstatte // Francesca Minini // still from the lovers on the bridge


  1. Just spent this morning investigating each of these links. Feeling so inspired by human potential! Glad you liked the Il Capo short! xo cecilia

    1. HA! :) ME TOO!! there is that theme running through these :) thank you again for that lil' video - i really love it! xo L