full moon // may


Milk Moon 
Saturday, May 21, Sagittarius, 2:14 pm PST

These retrogrades have been no joke. These last few weeks have just been so difficult. I don't know one person who isn't feelin' it - feeling stressed, angry, overworked, overwhelmed, hopeless, frustrated, ungrounded, making mistakes, confused, etc... Guess what? It's not really you, it's the retrogrades. I mean... it's YOU. But what these retrogrades are doing is putting pressure on places inside us which are causing things to erupt and surface. It's a good thing to feel them, look at them, they might be things we need to revisit from the past, clear them, and so on, but it's not easy or comfortable. 

In February Mars went into it's own sign, Scorpio, where Jupiter has been transiting. Mars is the planet of willfulness and vitality, power and adventure. It's impatient and wants to get things done and wants them to happen now! And Jupiter is all about being cautious, slow, and methodical. Well, guess how that leaves us feeling? Frustrated!! With Saturn also retrograding we might find projects starting and stopping, no flow happening. We are finding ourselves being more angry and annoyed and passive aggressive. 

To get the benefit of this energy we can't be unconsciously reacting. We have to catch ourselves when we go to a quick habitual reaction: being angry, yelling back, responding from our egos without thinking about what we are saying. These reactions get in the way of what is really going on, what we really need to be looking at: what is coming to the surface. There are many ways to grow and move forward in this energy. I will also say that with the nature of retrogrades - ie planets appearing to be moving backwards - I think there are two groups of people right now. The ones that think they are growing and moving forward unscathed, but who are actually regressing. And the ones who feel like they are moving backwards, stuck in an old place, but who are actually moving forward and growing. 

Practice patients, stopping and slowing down, taking a deep breath, not reacting, avoiding arguments, thinking things through. 

With the Sun in the sign of Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius we are in the realm of the mental, signs that are about knowledge, learning and communication (which will get easier with Mercury going direct on the 22nd). Gemini seeks information; Sagittarius seeks truth and meaning. It's a great time to be breaking through to something new. The retrogrades are pulling up lots of old stuff, lessons unearned, energy that needs to be cleared... and once it is where do you want to be headed? Use the energy of Gemini and Sagittarius to understand what's coming up for you, to find meaning in it. This isn't a time of just reacting unconsciously or "rising above it" to get through it. There is truth in what's happening that can help you grow. 

Don't forget to put out your crystals, minerals and even your jewelry with stones in it, to be cleared by the light of the full moon. I like to leave mine out in the sunshine the following day to balance the male and female energies. 

Blown glass vase from the Met. 2nd-3rd century AD, Roman


  1. This post is so timely! These past few weeks have been ROUGH and it's only now I realized that Mercury was in retrograde. I am a Gemini and a friend told me that Geminis in particular are really effected when Mercury is in retrograde...-Shannon

    1. Hi Shannon - interesting about Gemini's - i haven't heard that but will remember. Mercury is a hard one, but this time around it's really the combo of planets. particularly Mars, super powerful and bringing up lots of anger. but it's a good time to figure out how to grow and evolve from what is coming up. it is all an opportunity for growth. :)